Benefit “They’re Real” mascara Review. Euro 24:50


Wow look at those babies!”” Definitely fake!?” “Where’dya get them?”….My lashes have been causing a bit of a flutter since Benefit’s cheeky “They’re Real” mascara came into my life.

“They’re Real” is so called because it mimic’s the look of false lashes…Why, what did you think? It lengthens the lashes like you wouldn’t believe, lifts, and most importantly, curls. It does also mention volumising but it’s not that great for fattening up lashes. Benefit BADgal lash would be more the man for that, if you can stand the huge awkward bog brush like wand that doesn’t get the corner lashes. (BADgal tends to divide people, and Im in the half that thinks it’s not quite so nirvana)

The brush on “They’re Real” is half its glory. Unlike its chunkier sister, BADgal lash, “They’re Real” has a skinny flexible brush with spiked out rubber bristles that coat even the tiny micro lashes and a rounded spiked rubber tip designed for capturing the tiny corner lashes.It reminds me a bit of Givenchy Phenomin’eyes, only less fiddly, annoying, and disaster ridden, and Rimmel Scandeleyes show off, only without the curves.

You hold the brush horizontally and do the usual wiggling from side to side to coat and separate the lashes. Then you point it upwards and use the rounded tip in a twisting motion to curl. And bejaysus, your lashes look amazing! Long, thick and curled like fake lashes only without the annoying glue showing, and being stabbed by the plastic corners. But beware! This baby is designed to dry quickly, so you need a quick hand to avoid massive clumps. I wouldn’t use more than three coats with this mascara because if you do, you end up with these tarantula-esk peepers that’ll have all your arachnophobic friends running and screeching for the hills.

It can take a bit of practice to get everything out of it that it promises. But once you get the hang of it, well, you might just have to get used to coyly batting you lashes, and saying, “Thanks-They’re Real”


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