My Desert Island Beauty Essentials April 2013

dessert Island 2

I have two makeup bags. One big one with everything in it-hair products, eyeshadows, random lipglosses, mascara’s, foundations, lotions potions,-you get the idea. It actually weighs nearly 3.5kg, so I couldn’t really take it anywhere. This is where my second one comes in. When I’m going away I use this, it fits only about 10 things – my desert island essentials.

Desert Island essentials are the kind of beauty product that you just couldn’t live without. Without these, your beauty life would be like a three wheeled car with no steering wheel! So here’ my list of D.I.E’s that I would die without! See what I did there?

1 Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream
– This seems to be a staple on every Beauty editor and makeup artists D.I.E list, and for good reason- It cures everything, miraculously.
2 Shu Uemura eyelash curler – Another backstage staple, never been matched, lasts forever –like finding Mr Right
3 Clinique “take the day off” cleansing balm – takes every scrap down the plughole without leaving a gross residue or drying, leaving skin feeling “all shiny and new”….”like a (makeup) virgin”
4 GHD Hair straightener – Enough said.
5 Piz Buin active sport SPF 50 invisible spray – it’s up to you the face you have at 40
6 YSL Faux Cils mascara – my Shangri La
7 MAC mineralize skinfinish natural – My Mr Right
8 MAC blusher brush – Doubles as a powder brush, Kabuki brush, and whatever yer having yerself brush
9 YSL Elle – My signature scent for the past three years, and probably the next 70, I feel naked without it.
10 Bobbi Brown foundation brush – Gives an immaculate refined finish and uses less foundation. I’ve had mine two years and it hasn’t shed and is as soft as the day I bought it.

So, what are your desert island essentials? What couldn’t you live without?
Until next time xx


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