Benefit the POREprofessional review

The benefit, geddit, of being a blogger is that you get sent great things. And two weeks ago, the folks at benefit sent me the POREprofessional. It’s an oil-free pore minimising primer with added vitamin E, an antioxidant to help eliminate free radicals. Apply before makeup to lightly moisturised cleansed skin, or pat over makeup during the day to reduce shine and stop makeup slipping off – which is amazing in humid weather.

Benefit are a fun and quirky brand, with the cutest packaging in the business! The reason it’s called ‘professional’ is because they’re super cute quirky advertising and packaging features a marvel comic book spy girl zapping pores, while she’s undercover, just like the primer. So pores can be your best kept secret 😉
benefit pro

I’m sometimes apprehensive of products that put everything into the packaging, because it’s usually making up for a bad product, but this baby is as good as it looks! At 33.50 Euro for just 22 ml you could be put off, but a little goes a long way, so it’s worth it for what you get. It gives a smooth, flawlessly refined finish that looks totally natural and keeps your makeup in place all day. The finish hides a multitude of sins, making it look like you’ve been chilling at a health spa for a month, rather than hitting the tiles. Best bit is, it doesn’t give that horrible congested feeling that solid waxy primers do, so normal and oily skins will rejoice.

One thing I will say against it though, is that because It has a smooth “clay like” texture it can feel a little tight, so you really do need to apply moisturiser when you use it, especially if you have a dry skin type because the nature of the product causes a tightening effect to minimise pores.



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