Beyonce for H&M collection

Beyonce in H&M

Exciting news! Just when you were getting over the excitement of Rihanna for River Island, news drops that this May, Beyonce is partnering up with H&M for a TV and billboard add campaign this May, dubbed “introducing Beyonce as Mrs Carter in H&M” in honour of her Mrs Carter show world tour kicking off April 15th. And don’t worry, she did help design the clothes! Sure we all know Beyoncé would have too much integrity to just slap her name on something and say she designed it if she didn’t!

There’s only been one image released for the campaign so far, so what can we expect? Well, Donald Schneider, Creative Director for H&M said “the campaign is the essence of Beyoncé, and also the essence of H&M this summer,” “There’s the perfect bodycon dress, as well as a flowing sun dress that makes a real statement. And of course there are the bikinis, especially the fringed bikinis….Sounds like we’ll all be rocking our curves in this collection! I cant wait!!

But, prepare for this collection to sell out the second it hits the shops! H&M are famous for their designer collections causing queues to stretch around the corner, selling out in under an hour, and then for three times the original price on Ebay. And given its Beyonce, well, her collection will likely smash all previous records!
And the best bit!? You might need to sit down for this…..the TV add also features a new song from Beyoncé, “Standing On The Sun” which will be available worldwide online and beginning May!!

I hope that wasn’t too much excitement for one day!


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