Best Recessionista makeup 2013: Kiss your overdraft goodbye

a recession makeup

Dont get me wrong, I’m a designer makeup gal through-and-through. But even I know, you don’t need everything to be high end, some things, there’s really no difference between the high end and the high street, so if your strapped for cash and looking to cut back on some of your pricier products, here’s my list of things you can swop;

Nail varnish: They all chip regardless! Even if you get them done by a pro, it will still chip within three days! Chanel Le Vernis-I’m looking at you! Main strength of a designer polish is the colour. The colours are always exactly on trend. But if you are just going for something simple like a red or black, the high street will have a million of these! MaxFactor and Rimmel are the best ports of call. Particularly Rimmel’s Kate Moss salon pro range, punches way above its weight.

Lipstick: Again the only strength in buying a high end product is the colour and staying power. But I’m always eating, drinking and depending on the time of night harhar- smooching, so this factor makes no difference. And as for colour, again, if you shop around, you’ll get a similar colour to your favourite, and if you apply it with the right tools and techniques, the finish is much the same. Catrice ultimate colour lipstick and Bourjois rouge editions, are both highly pigmented matte and longwearing without the drying effect you get from brands like MAC or Chanel Rouge Coco…sorry.

Hairspray: Really, why do people buy hairspray that’s 60euro? I get, that in salons, they’re trying to give a luxury experience, or if they’re creating a lady Gaga-alike do then they’re going to need a cement-hold hairspray. But at home when you’re just fixing a few GHD curls you actually only need something like Elnette or boots own brand, to give a flexible hold. Don’t want to look like a crusty haired Janice do we?

Mascara: But only if you have long thick curly lashes! If you are lucky enough to have lashes like this, thank your lucky stars, because you only need a small amount of definition! And any high street lengthening and defining mascara will do!


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