Best SPF skin protecting primer 2013 : Clinique City block sheer SPF 25 review

Most mornings after my 3 step cleansing, I’m likely to use between 3-5 skincare products on my face, and that’s before I even put on makeup! Needless to say I tend to be mysteriously late for everything-“can you believe it-I missed the bus”! But last week, this baby came into my life for E20:50 for 40ml, and I haven’t been late since !

How? Because City block is the perfect 1 step hybrid of skincare and primer! The product blurb describes it as “Sheer, high level broad spectrum UVA/UVB daily sun protection. Lightweight oil-free formula helps wick away perspiration and absorbs excess oil so makeup looks fresher longer, antioxidant enriched. Wear alone or as an invisible makeup primer.”

And it really is as good as it sounds. I was apprehensive at first, because skincare-makeup hybrids tend to be hit and miss, particularly SPF enriched ones, landing you with anything from a watery BB to a serum enriched foundation that will bring you out in a rash and a shiny face all day. But this is different! Especially for normal-oily skintypes who want the benefits of 6 steps in 1, without moisturiser.

It’s texture is thick yet silky, with a beige colour, allot like Benefit POREprofessional, but without the dry clay like quality. It goes on smoothly without giving the waxy congested feeling some primers do, or leaving a greasy shine like some SPF’s do, and your makeup looks flawless! You do have to use a reasonable enough amount though, say a 10c piece on each cheek, which might annoy some, but you are getting good value considering the size of the tube and the quality of the product.
I wasn’t too hopeful about its claims to wick away perspiration, but, I ran 3k in the sun wearing this and my makeup still stayed in place and was as smooth and matte as when I started. It also kept mid day shine away, which every normal-oily skintype knows is a necessity!

I couldn’t really vouch for it for dry skin types though, it wasn’t drying, but it wasn’t moisturising either, so you probably wouldn’t get along with City block if you had dry skin because you need the extra moisture boost.
Also, I don’t think it would be great for the over 35 age group as a primer, because its just wouldn’t be heavy duty enough to blur lines. Its better for teens and twenty’s, because you only have superficial flaws and lines.

Overall it’s a really great timesaver and skinsaver because of the SPF and antioxidant benefits. It defiantly something I’ll be buying again because it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for oil-free primer with a decent SPF, antioxidants and hypoallergenic.


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