Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray Review

cherdl spray 1

cherdl spray 2
Ok everyone, sit down, this could be shocking news for you, but (deep breath)… .I’m not a big fan of Cheryl Cole! I know, I know, she’s Britain’s sweetheart, she’s articulate, yes, yes. But her only claim to fame is the XFactor, and if she wasn’t so articulate she would have had just one season.

So I wasn’t so keen to jump on the bandwagon with her endorsements for Elnett. But the latest addition to the Elnett line “Elnett Heat Protect Styling Spray” 8:99 in Boots, was what I’d been searching for, because it heat protection and weightless styling in one, that locks style in for three days, blocking out humidity and flyaways, so it would be good for my thick unruly hair. Or so I though.
In fairness to it, it’s not that bad. It’s just not that good either. None of these “three-day-style-with heat-protection-sprays” really can be. Because of the chemical ingredients required for them to do what they say, and hold liquid form. I had a similar grievance with John Frieda 3 day straight styling spray.
But anyway, you spray Elnett Heat protect on damp hair, blowdry with a barrel brush, then style with a curling wand or straightener.

It does its job and everything in terms of protecting from heat, but my main issue is with the styling part, because its such a nightmare to work with! It gives hair this sort of texturised dry-sticky quality that adds allot of resistance when you are trying to blowdry and really holds onto moisture in the hair, so its takes much longer to blowdry. And it doesn’t get much better when its dry, because that heavy dry resistance is still in the hair, so you’re still digging through locks to brush them! And even more annoyingly, you’re ends klump together in a knot, that will instantly re-knot the second the hairs are next to each-other!

Once it’s all finished I thought I could at least be satisfied with its finish, all that resistance must mean the finish is great and it will hold my style, right? Well kinda, it looked great for the first few hours and does hold the style in place, but 4 hours in, it made my hair look like I hadn’t washed it in three days, (quite an achievement given I have naturally very dry hair)while simultaneously feeling dry and crispy to the touch. I can’t really vouch for its claims to hold style for three days, because I tend to wash my hair twice a day (no wonder my hair is dry) but from my experience with it so far I’d say it would.

Id recommend this for a night out in a dark nightclub. After 3-4 hours everyone will be drunk, so they won’t notice that your hair is beginning to look like a crusty bag of chips. And if anybody feels your crispy knotted ends, well, they’ll be drunk, so they won’t remember. And heck, you can always put the three day hold claim to the test on the stride of pride if you get lucky.


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