Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 13. The 60’s are back

Ok so the 60’s are back. Pff, not my favourite fashion time period! Designers always bring back eras, and this tends to aggravate fashion insiders, “ugh, were they too lazy to think of new ideas?” And I have to agree, to a point. But what tempers my agreement is that when designers bring back an era, they don’t do it exactly like they did in that era. What the wanted at the time they couldn’t always do. There were allot more creative restrictions and technical limitations in the 60’s, so the designers ideas were often lost in translation. So when the 60’s come back this time around (restriction free) they do it better- the way designers would have wanted in the 60’s.

Back in the 60’s the only medium they had to speak to the masses was their black and white, non-glossy newspaper-like magazine adds that were very one dimensional and restricted to old fashioned censoring standards. Often meaning the true concept of the collection would be lost in translation from the vibrant 3-D fashion world, to the black and white censored newspaper world.

But nowadays, designers have almost free reign. They can do anything with there shows, which are works of theatre art, a 10-15 minute silent play. And you can do almost anything in advertising- nothing shocks us anymore. Not to mention the possibilities with digital photography.
But the best new medium is the fashion film. It’s fashions newest frontier. Shorter than a real film, there’s rarely any talking, it’s like an add, a photo-shoot and a film combined. It’s not necessarily selling anything, it’s like looking into the mental image of the designer, the scene/concept they had in mind for their clothes.

The video above is the latest fashion film by Louis Vuitton, its showing exactly what I’ve just been talking about, using the modern fashion world to rework vintage fashion as present fashion, and whaddaya know, I’m excited about wearing the 60’s. How about that!


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