Lush Flush: Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask review

lush facemask

Ok so recently I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a vegan. I’ve been following the “meat-free-Monday” health trend for the past year, so I thought oh what the hell, might as well try it 7 days a week. And if I was going vegan, I thought I might as well go teetotal, and go down the animal friendly makeup and cosmetics route. So I headed to Lush, to see what they had. I hadn’t been down to the lovely smelling shop since I was like 13-14, the last time I decided I wanted to be a vegan-vegetarian.

So on my would-be vegan journey, I came across Lush cosmetic warrior facemask E8:40 Which, the lovely hippy assistant told me, was made fresh that day in the shop and had to be kept in the fridge, and would expire in around 1 month. Wow so it’s def a natural product!

So, when I got home I wacked on CW, which is an acne fighting face mask (the pic makes it look like something you would cook for dinner), with tea-tree, kaolin clay, and manuka honey, grape, egg and Ahhh what -fresh garlic?!? According to the lovely folks at lush this is a great gentle antiseptic and anti-fungal ingredient that won’t mess with the PH of the skin. I was a bit afraid about the garlic, thinking I would smell like garlic after I used it. But I couldn’t smell it at all, the dominant smell was of tea-tree really, so you’d be grand. The texture was really thick, which is great, because natural facemasks tend to be like soup. I had to use a good “scoop” for cheeks and t-zone and spread it vigorously because it’s so thick, because its clay based. It felt lovely on, gave a lovely cooling cleansed feeling when I washed it off and definitely made it feel soft and matte, but the million dollar question? Was it any good for spot fighting? No, it wasn’t, and I used it once a week for a month. Admittedly I don’t actually have “acne”, I just had one or two bad ones on my forehead. But it should have at least fought those, and it didn’t, so I wouldn’t use this if you had proper acne and were hoping for real results. It’s good points though, are that even though you seem to get a tiny tub, its actually 75g and I still had two uses left in it after the 1 month expiration date, so if you wanted to get the girls around and have a pamper night this could be great for just a bit of craic, if you’re not looking for results, but don’t want anything negative to happen to your skin.

After using this I remembered why I stopped, using Lush products. Although it’s great that they make animal friendly, fresh natural products and have a lovely shop that smells divine, and incentivises recycling their pots, when you get the products home, there just not that effective. Unfortunately, some things just can’t be achieved with natural ingredients, because there not strong enough.


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