Lush flush number two: Henna and Jasmine fluff ease

So like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been toying with the idea of going teetotal vegan, and only buying animal friendly makeup and cosmetics. This urge took me to Lush on Grafton street and I came out with a haul. Part of this haul was Henna and Jasmine fluff ease conditioning treatment E14:24 for 220g.

This is a pre-wash treatment to smooth frizz, soften tight curls and add mega shine. I was beyond apprehensive when I read that one of its main ingredients was red henna! I didn’t want this to dye me red unexpectedly! (One needs notice before turning red!) But the girl in the shop reassured me that it doesn’t leave any colour behind and that henna is a natural hair smoother, similar to silicone. Ok so.
Like all Lush products I had to keep it in the fridge because its 100% natural ingredients with no preservatives. I didn’t mind this, but there were afew raised eyebrows from my family when they saw the name “fluff ease”. Em, Louise…why is there hair remover in the fridge?

But once you get to use it, its amazing! Admittedly, it’s not a time saver, you apply it generously, layer by layer, to dry hair, pile up on top of your hair and secure with a clip and leave for 20-30 minutes or more if you have time. The folks at lush also recommended wrapping with Clingfilm or a hot towel to really open up the hair shafts and let the conditioner penetrate. It smells divine, with jasmine and jojoba, which gives it that gorgeous summery ‘’suncream’’ scent that lingers in the hair until the next wash.
And wow when I rinsed it out and blow-dried my hair it was as soft and smooth as silk. The shine was like it was lit from within or like I had a hallo or something it was that good! I was surprised my family didn’t fall on their knees and break into song when they saw me ascending down the stairs, I had such a glittering head of hair.

While Fluff ease is a miracle product, it’s very labour intensive. Def not a quick fix before going out, 30 minutes wrapped in clingfilm is a big chunk out of your getting ready time. So I’d recommend this for a lazy night in when you don’t mind passing the time.


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