Best Spring Summer13 shows : best wearable fashion

Hell if there’s anybody that loves couture its me! But I appreciate that it doesn’t look so hot walking around the local supermarket, going to college/work, or around men in general – they just don’t get fashion trends- do phrases like “why is your cardigan on backwards?” “Why are your shoulders sparkly?” sound familiar?

So here are some of my fav (I hate the phrase, but) ‘wearable’ SS13 shows. I love a subtle sexy silhouette, great materials, dressing for your figure, and colours that light up and flatter skintones.

My fav is Mango, they make amazing, classy fashionable clothes. One of the best compliments I ever got while wearing a knitted bottle green dress by Mango was that I looked like Kate Middleton! My head was so big for days! Lots of people are afraid of the Spanish highstreet stores like Mango or Zara, thinking they only cater for the super super skinny gals among us, but I’m an hourglass shaped UK size 10-12 and I find there clothes are right up my street, nothing to be afraid of!

You were probably expecting to see Stella McCartney in this list, given she’s known for being “wearable”. But I think most of her stuff looks a bit “Weird Swedish exchange student apparel” so she’s not here. Instead, I picked Akris, they made 90 pieces to celebrate the 90th birthday of the luxury brand, and included all of the hot colours this season, nude, pink, orange, leaf green…and of course black.

Kinger Aggugini, is another, I know I said I didn’t like “weird Swedish exchange student apparel” but this is “Cool Swedish exchange student” “Take-a-roll-in-the-hay-with-me-I’m-naturally-pretty” chic.

Until next time….


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