Benefit “Foaming Clean” Facial wash review

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash
Now, Benefit wouldn’t really have been on my radar in terms of skincare. Brands like Bliss, Clinique and Biotherm would be more my usual suspects for that. Most people would associate Benefit with makeup, rather than skincare, and assume, like me, that Benefit skincare would be all package and no punch. But, since this little beauty was sent out to me, I’ve seen the light!
And that’s exactly what FC is designed to do, bring out skins natural radiance, and give that “I just got a facial” refined, polished, quality to skin.

It’s 25 Euro for 127.5g, and like all benefit products, has gorgeous packaging that will make all the other products in your bathroom dip their heads in shame. It’s really big, especially good considering Benefit stuff tends to be on the small side. A little goes a long way, and it last forever! I’ve used it every day for a month, it’s nowhere near finished. It’s really well designed too. Its bottle has these little nodules all over the body of the bottle, is curved to perfectly fit your hand and is has a linen like texture to maximise grip on the bottle so you can take it into the shower with you, and it won’t slip.

And you really would need to use it in the shower, because boy does this stuff foam! It comes out thick and almost solid, but when you give it contact with water it foams into a meringue like texture and manages to take off almost all makeup, gives that seldom achieved immaculately clean feeling, and leaves skin looking refined and polished.

My only two bugbears are that, while it takes off like, 95% of makeup, there’s still always a hint of panda eye, even if you scrub like mad. So you always have to go back with makeup remover to get the last of eye makeup off. Bugbear number two is that it’s just a little on the drying side – but any product that claims to be “for all skin types” will have this effect, especially one with a high detergent content like this (so it can be so foamy). So if you have a dry sensitive skin, or really young skin, this could be one to approach with caution.

Overall a good product! If you were looking for something to give a squeaky clean feeling and a smoothing refining look to skin, that’ll have your makeup go on smoother, and make you look more refined, then this is the product for you, particularly if you think your skin might be a little leathery looking at the moment, and you need to smooth and refine it.


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