Cocoa Brown Tan review

cocoa brown tan 2cocoa brown tan 3

Confession time! I haven’t worn fake tan in over a year! I’m lucky enough to have sallow-ish skin, and proud porcelain friends, so the fake tan habit just sort of died off for me. I also lost the habit because I don’t like the look of most of the fake tans out there. Irish girls are famous for our orange streaky patchy fake tan, so I vowed not to wear it ever again.

But then Cocoa Brown came into my life, like a text from an ex you don’t fancy anymore, but are very fond of, and wouldn’t mind catching up with. Cocoa brown the 8:00 euro tan by Carter Beauty available in pharmacies nationwide is taking the Irish market by storm. Why? It claims to deliver a natural looking “cocoa brown” tan, that rivals St Tropez and FakeBake, in under 1-hour or three if you want a darker look, with no fake tan smell, and it has a cool, hot-pink bottle. But is it any good?

Well, yeh, it gives a nice enough colour on my sallow skin. But if you had typical porcelain Irish skin, I wouldn’t use this because it would be too light and orange-yellow for you. It’s not much of a rival to Fake bake or St Tropez, so it wouldn’t be much consolation to glam gals who have had to cut up their credit cards.

It’s claim to be “one hour tan” is a bit misleading. All this means is you put the mouse on for one hour, wash it off, and then the tanning effect will start to develop over the day, and be fully developed the next day. This is a bit annoying. Given you have to shower and exfoliate and all that before you tan anyway, so having to shower again an hour later (or possibly three) is a bit of a pain in the neck.

There’s also not much difference between leaving it on for three hours and leaving it on for one. I left it on my right arm for three, the other 1-hour. And a day later, I can say there’s very very little difference between them. The three hour arm was darker and more natural looking, but no-one I asked could tell the difference.

As for the “no fake tan smell” claim? Again- misleading! It has the same old fake tan smell for the hour you have it on the skin, but, it does disappear once you wash it off an hour later. I’ve been told the men of Ireland will rejoice, knowing that the smell of old biscuits will only be sticking around for an hour, and won’t be following them into bed.
Overall it’s a decent enough product, if you have sallow skin, and the packaging is nice. It’s not tempting me back to fake tan and I don’t see this really taking off internationally. Definitely not for last minute people, but if you’re willing to put in the prep the night before, and you just want a light natural looking tan, this is the man for you!

from right: before. middle: 1-hour left: 3-hours

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