THAT song thats been totally ruined because it reminds you of a guy/girl.

our song
Ok so we all have one (or one-hundred, if you’re me). That one song that you used to love, but has been totally ruined because now it reminds you of an old flame! That song, it might have been out when you guys first got together, or when you first decided to call it a day. That song could actually be about something totally different, but you associate it with them, so it’s now been totally ruined – for life!!

And there’s nothing worse than when that song, unexpectedly comes on the radio or in a club! Those three- ish pandora’s box minutes of wishing you were deaf, or that life had a fast-forward button!

Like I said, we’ve ALL got at least one! So I asked around, guys and girls, and asked what their songs were (swiftly deleting them from my ‘’having people over’’ playlist) If all of the following happen to be that song- my apologies, mute the sound and put on some earmuffs…their totally set to come back in 2013, and you can always pretend you’re doing a spot of DIY to boot!

Oh and all names have been changed, so you can put down the flames and pitchforks…its probably not the person you think.

“once a guilty pleasure, now just guilt” -John*

“This came out JUST after I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years!!”- Jane*

“Guilt guilt guilt” -Veronica*

“My love life in general” – Katherine

“I die when this comes on! He told me I looked like her and everything!” Sinead*

“Actually this is a nice one for me, were still together, but I miss him when I hear it if he’s not around” Joanne*

“Reminds me of a clingy guy I shifted loads in college” -Sophie

“This song is just well and truly ruined” David*

“Guilt” Allen*

“Reminds me of saying goodbye to my first ever kiss on the last day of Irish college when I was 13” Maria*

“I was in love with a girl for 2 years and never talked to her – then she graduated and moved home to New Zealand” Cathal*

“Guilty Pleasure! But were still together” Jane*

“Reminds me of the summer with my first proper girlfriend” Shane*

“This still reminds me of my ex. He was long gone when the song came out, but it reminds me of our summers together” Angela*

“I asked my ex to just be friends, he didn’t take it well, then this song came out- Ruined forever!” Chloe*

“This one will always be slightly tainted” Nicky*


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