Leather, chains, curves, attitude – it’s DSquared2 SS13!

I’ve been an admirer of DSquared ever since I opened up vogue magazine 7 years ago and saw their add. I fell in love with the collections sexy blingy attitude that almost edged on profane. Its the kind of brand where you actually want everything on the catwalk! Consistently, every season, and in fashion that can be a task.

The brand is the creation of twin brother duo Dean and Dan Canten, hence the name DSquared2. And they are as camp, blingy and outrageous as their collections.

SS13 collection is amazing! I’m loving the leather, I’m loving the chains, I’m loving the curve appeal, I’m loving Cara Delavigne opening the show…I’m loving everything! And this look is great festival apparel because, hey if mud splashes on leather- It wipes right off! Lets you flash your fab pins and looks great with a pair of hunter wellies and a camouflage jacket to keep out the rain! Perfect ratio of looking hot, to effortless air of not giving a f*&k.


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