That burning question: WHAT’S the difference between a CC and a BB???

Ok so we’ve all gotten to grips with BB’s, but then came CC’s and now were all terribly confused! But fear not, squeezielou has the answer!

A BB is an upgrade to that old relic the tinted moisturiser. We all know about its origins in Asia and how they have come to Europe minus the skin bleaching properties and all that, so I wont bore you. A BB ideally should moisturise, give light coverage, illuminate, have anti ageing and high SPF. They tend to come in three shades light medium and dark.

A CC is basically the same thing: tinted moisturiser with benefits. But the big difference is that CC’s have some magic base colour mixed in that corrects skin concerns. Green based ones correct too much redness in the skin, and pink based one’s cancel out greyness in the skin. The skin tone range is usually wider too, with say six shades rather than just three.

Simple, right? But most of us are still confused as to what we are actually getting. Not your fault. Most of the cosmetic companies were so hasty to get in on the BB-CC trend that they didn’t quite stick to the script! So buying a BB or a CC can be a bit hit and miss. You can get literally get anything from a watery sunscreen with a vague hint of a tint, to a foundation-primer hybrid with a birra SPF and a few vitamins thrown in for good measure. It’s a bit like going on a blind date: You’ve no idea what your going to actually get just based on what you’ve heard about them!

Personally I haven’t gotten along with either CC’s or BB’s. I love the concept, But the reality just doesn’t live up to the fantasy! There’s just no getting around the limited shade range – you will always be wearing the wrong shade for you. And they tend to bring me out in a shiny rash because I have oily sensitive skin. So end up having to use finishing powder to mattify. The finish is usually kack, because the foundation part is so watered down by everything else, it never blends like a foundation, and tends to have that patchy mucky look. For now, I think I’ll just stick with foundation and separate targeted skincare.


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