How to wear a floral jumpsuit

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of the public more than…..something really new in fashion! We all know that feeling, “Oh my god will I look like an eejit wearing platforms?” “Will everyone KNOW that double denim is in now?” “Will the lads wonder why my jeans are so high waisted and laugh???”

But, six months later, once everyone has gotten used to that trend, it’ll be common or garden, just like the bandage dress is now. So, striking while the iron is hot, Let me show you four ways to wear a floral jumpsuit…..and just between you and me, guys love what it does for your derriere. Grins and bum pinching aplenty!….which of course I hate…..sometimes.


Jumpsuit Zara 32:50; Long sleeve shirt Zara 24; frill shoulder blouse 10 Penney’s; Sleeveless shirt 14 Penney’s; Pricing in Euro


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