Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Salon Strengthener reviewed

sally growth treatment

My nails have been paper thin and breaking like mad recently! I finally get them to the perfect length, and then-snap! But the misery doesn’t just end there! Then I’m forced to go around with uneven looking talons, catching the rough uneven edges of the afflicted nail on everything! Then I’m left with the epic choice of “Do I cut the rest of them”? or “Do I wait for it to grow back and catch up with the others”?

So hoping to “break” the cycle, I invested in Sally Hansen “nailgrowth miracle Salon strengthener serum” 5:89 from boots, with high hopes, given so many people seem to swear by it. The product Blurb describes it as “Revolutionary advanced technology infused with biotin and Vitamins A,C, and E, this concentrated serum works to enhance natural nail growth by 30% delivering longer, stronger, nails in 5 days”

Woohoo, great! I thought, this kills two birds with one stone! You paint on a thin coat every second day (NB using every day can act over stimulate the nail and cause it to break) alone or as a basecoat, and wait for the miracle to happen.
But one month in, I can’t quite say, either way, if this worked. My mam tried this out aswell, and said she didn’t notice anything. I tried it out and found my nails were still breaking when I did anything dextrose like opening a can, or routing through a filing cabinet or anything like that. But I did notice they were breaking less easily than before? Could this be down to auld Sally Hansen? They didn’t seem to be growing miraculously in five days either, just the normal rate, so that part didn’t live up to its claim, but they were less “bendy” again, could this be down to auld Sally Hansen?

So over all I can’t say it lived up to its wonder reputation as a strengthener and growth accelerator, but it does make an excellent smooth nourishing basecoat. Which is great if you wear allot of polish. Dunno if I’ll be bothered purchasing again, but I won’t be throwing it straight in the bin either.
Until next time….


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