SS 13 Trends Part 3

White noise
The other end of the colour spectrum to neon, but equally daring is the all white tend. Seen at Victoria Beckham, Alexander Wang and Jill Sander this trend is white hot. Wear as crisp separates or in unstructured draped layers with flashes of neon accessories to look SS13 box fresh.
spring trends 22spring trends 18

Don’t worry, they won’t make you look fat – that’s just a myth. In fact they actually make you look slimmer. This is because stripes create a narrowing optical illusion. The eye can only focus on either the white or the colour- not both. If you don’t quite like black stripes seen on the Marc Jacobs catwalks, go for candy apple red, navy or blue-grey.
spring trends 19spring trends 20spring trends 21

To school for cool
It’s never been hipper to be square! Being a teen geek was once something to hide from, now, all the cool girls are proudly flaunting their geekyness. Being best mates with the local librarians is now cooler that being on the guest list. Baggy sweatshirts in flattering hues with slogans like “Genius” “Dweeb” and “Dork” with collars peeking over are right on the money. But I do advise drawing the line at wearing glasses and pretending to be near sighted….people will think you are desperate to be cool, rather that desperately cool.
spring trends 23

Pencil Skirts
A classic staple and sexy no matter what your shape! Great for creating the illusion of curves if you don’t have any, and for loving the ones you have, while tummy flattening. Wear them in clashing colourways and in on trend patterns. This is one trend you could really invest in because it never goes out.

Go Sheen
Let your light sheen with this trend! See what I did there? Seen at Jonathan Saunders, Christian Dior, Victor & Rolf Burberry Possum and Diane Von Furstenberg this trend is in every fashion insiders wardrobe. Pair it with a soft neutral separate for day and with sleek hair for night (aka no Cheryl Cole beehives….sorry.)
spring trends 50spring trends 52


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