Rihanna designes second River Island Collection

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After the phenomenal over night success of Rihanna’s first collection for River Island, they are now collaborating for another, high summer collection designed by the star on sale May 25th.

The star says of the collection: “I just wanted stuff that I wanted to wear because at the end of the day that’s what got me into designing – seeing things on the rack that were great, but that could have been a little more me. “Maybe they could have been a little longer or shorter, or have a little more sex appeal or a little less.I wanted to make clothes for fat days; stuff that I want to wear. I was being selfish. Hopefully, my friends and people who shop at River Island will have the same taste.”

And she’s right, the whole collection is very much her style coming through, and I can certainly see some lust worthy pieces! Like her previous collection, fears that you could only pull it off if you had Rihanna’s shapely figure will probably be unfounded this time around too. I’d say you could wear these clothes regardless of shape/size, if you incorporated pieces with your own style and wore it your own way.

There is allot of grumbling about the credibility of the collection. Many not believing she designed the collection entirely by herself, and that she probably just gave the design team a few directions and ideas of what she wanted, and then chose from what they came up with, maybe suggesting they add this or that to it…….elves and the shoe maker stylie……And that its a shameless marketing exercise…….I’m not going to disagree, it does seem that way, but hey, that doesn’t seem to have put anybody off! The previous collection sold out almost overnight, in every city, and the RI website crashed within minutes of the collection going on sale online. So they were obviously giving people what they wanted, and what’s the harm in that eh?


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