Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex

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I’m really on the fence about this one, I’m not sure what to think about it! Scandaleyes Flex was launched in Ireland on the 25th May, and is causing a bit of a flutter on the street amongst dedicated Rimmel fans, thanks to its sexy add’s staring Georgia May Jagger. And its not a bad claim, clump free, flexible, buildable mascara that rivals false lashes. Not so bad for just 5:89 in boots.

There’s lots of things I like about it, its packaging is cool, the brush is HUGE similar to Badgal LASH, and its super cheap, who knows, maybe this IS just as good as YSL, and I’ve been spending 4 times the price all this time like an eejit? So I gave it a go, layer one: nothing special. Layer two: Oooh…what big eyelashes I have. Layer three: the same as layer two, only clumpy…..couple of hours later…. my lashes had no curl anymore and were poker straight…..disappointing….

In fairness to Scandaleyes FLEX my lashes are the worst to test this out on. I have seriously, seriously, short skinny lashes so I need a stiff brittle mascara to cement a curl, so a flexible shrinkable Lycra formula like this, is the last thing my lashes need.This would be better for long curly lashes that just need a little definition and volume, like the model in the tutorial above.

But even if I did have lashes like this, Id probably still not like this 100%. Because, anything with Lycra takes forever to dry, because you know, its plastic. So, expect some unexpected smudges even five minutes later if your not careful. Also, the advertising is misleading. It’s not designed to be built up all in one go: your supposed to wait an hour between each coat (Ah come on! I said to myself as I watched the above tutorial)

So while it would be great if you have long curly lashes, the patience of a saint, and some reason to want three sizes of lashes in one day, then this is for you! But, its not the one for me. So, like I said, I’m on the fence, I can see how it could be good for someone , but that someone is not me.


2 thoughts on “Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex

  1. Great review Squeezielou.. I too have fine short thin lashes and have been searching all my life (well, since my teenage years at least!) for the ‘one’ mascara to do the business for me. Now I have to say I saw the ad for this and wondered about it but havin read your review it has confirmed for me that this wouldn’t work. I’ve tried lots of mascara’s from cheap as chips to soooo expensive. So long story short, I got Elle magazine there last month to try Benefit they’re real mascara that came as a freebie and I’ve fallin in love. It does exactly what it says on the tin. I now have long curly full on glam lashes whenever I wear it. I think I’m goin to marry it. It’ll probably be the longest most rewarding relationship I’ve ever had!!

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