Best swimwear for YOUR shape


Bikini season is here! And so is the squeezielou guide to picking the right bikini for your shape!

Pear shape:
Wear a patterned top with lots of ruffles to draw attention to your boobs and create the illusion of fullness, and a plain string bikini bottom. Don’t panic! String bottoms are more slimming than shorts, shorts will actually make your hips and thigh area look fuller and wider, cos its just one big block of fabric, they are better for straight up and down girls looking to create curves. Pear shapes will look amazing in this one from beachcafe

Straight up and down:
Want to create the illusion of curves? Get yourself some high waist shorts to give the illusion of a smaller waist and wider hips. A halter neck bikini top with wide straps will also give your boobs a great lift and draw you in and out in all the right places. I love this one from Topshop


Apple shapes:
Draw attention to your lovely slim legs and ample cleavage in a plunging one piece. This will highlight all your best bits and still feel as sexy as a two piece. This one is from


Big boobies:
Lucky you, but avoid triangle shaped bikini tops because they don’t give enough support, and they wont give enough coverage ‘’if ya know what I mean’’ so go for underwired bikinis for good support, and cup sized tops. Freya and figleaves have amaaazing bra sized bikini tops that are out of this world cool, and wont make you feel like your running in an egg and spoon race

Small boobies:
Go for ruffles to add volume, and triangle shaped tops to flatter. I’m also a big fan of fringing and beading details. Primark also do an amazing range of “Enhance your assets” bikinis that make you look two sizes bigger and give ammmazing cleavage! I love this one from F&F @ Tesco


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