Geek Chic….I want to be a geek

geek post 2

Great news! I’m taking the FE1 exams (boring lawyer exams, I’m like a real life Legally Blonde) and classes start tomorrow. So, from now until October, I’m gonna be “gettin my geek on” “Putting the stud in study” and “talking nerdy all lecture long”. Only problem is, I’m not a natural geek….wish I was, but I’ve got the concentration of fruit fly……..

….Sorry, what were we talking about again?

Oh yeh, Me. But I want to be a geek, So I thought I’d try trick my brain into thinking it, by dressing like one. Marilyn Monroe in “how to marry a millionaire” is my inspiration! I’ve even ordered myself this “Geek” sweatshirt from misguided and a pair of Gok Wan glasses (I’m actually near sighted, so it’s ok) The sweatshirt will keep me nice and warm in the library, and the glasses will hopefully stop me from staring out the library window, dreaming of spotting a hot geek guy, looking over our glasses, and smooching between the book shelves….or you know, looking at the pigeons outside…whatever suits…

geek post 3geek post 4

also…when people see me in this sweater they will get the subliminal message that I am a geek, so, if I’m sitting there looking out the window they will think I’m contemplating Aristotle….when really all I’ll be thinking is “those pigeons have such an easy life- all they have to do is eat and mate”

Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on my geek-apades and all of my outfits. Who knows, maybe I might even pull the rabbit out of the hat and pass the exams to boot!
Until next time….


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