Boots bootie

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So, here’s my loot from boots! Theres nothing better than running around a drugstore like boots and getting all those essentials that you cant get in a luxury beauty hall, and the range is so wide that you get exactly what you want. I also love the boots advantage card, this time around I actually got 5euro off with all of my points, which was a great boost to the thrill I was getting already! I got:

Neutrogena 2-in-1 Wash and mask 5:89
– not really a new one to the market, but I like a nice commercial dermatological facemask every now and again, and don’t like having to do the whole deep cleansing thing beforehand, so this boyo fit the bill. And it was great, when I got it my skin was doing its once monthly annoying thing of threatening to breaking out so the nice tingly menthol feeling when I used it was very reassuring , and I didn’t have to sit around for too long looking like an eijit with this on my face – just 5 minutes –and then it washed off really easily. With fresh organic ones they seem to cling to skin and also have the unfortunate habit of clogging your sink. Not so here! The first time I used it I did notice a slight “kick back” afterwards, of my skin being a little oilier than before, but I was fine the next day, but if you had very oily skin and you were concerned about shine, Id say just use this at night. Because while it is effective, and kept the breakout at bay on my normal to oily skin, it does still have that “kick back” effect you get from strong products.

Broadway Real Life “Petites” nails 11:00
Another great find ! I have really small hands, so normal fake nails just don’t fit me, and are too long. But these are just the right size and length of natural long nails. Why don’t I just grow my own nails long so? We’ll because my own ones break within two days of my getting them to just the right length, and chip the second I put any nail polish on them! But that doesn’t happen with fake nails with fakies, nail polish never chips because the nails arnt growing and pushing the polish off with it, and the surface is totally smooth so it adheres to it much better. Best off all, is that it only takes two seconds to paint them because you just hold them in your hand and paint them- so there’s none of the usual one hand being sloppier than the other dilemma- and because they are not your real nails you can just put them back into the holder and wait for them to dry, leaving you free to do anything with your hands in the meantime – simples!

Ecotools earth friendly beauty Bamboo eye shadow brush 6:89
Another reason why I love Boots! This great high quality eco friendly brush has the softest fibres I’ve ever used, the most precise application, and a really sturdy durable handle! The bristles are also completely cruelty free to boot! Looking at it, and using it I would never know it only cost 6:89, it was as good as any of my MAC or Bobbi Brown ones, so for anybody on a budget or any hard core vegans and friends of the earth, this would be a great brand to get your cruelty free claws into, without having to suffer a drop in quality.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Golden Protect SPF20 10:00
Finally safe sunners and sun worshipers can join forces! This baby gives full UVA (A for aging protection) and UVB (B for burning) protection, but with the magical ingredient Monoi oil, that naturally increases melanin in the skin, so you get an enhanced tan, while being protected from the harmful effects of the sun! There is no fake to in this, so what you get, is completely 100% naturally you! It was great on my skin because it wasn’t greasy, absorbed quickly, and didnt give me the rash I usually get from suncream! I wasn’t happy that it only goes up to SPF 30 – I’m more of a 50 gal myself, but for the Irish sun it’s grand.


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