Brown Thomas Blitz

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Drum roll….Here’s is my Brown Thomas Blitz. I know I said I would post it last week but I have been beyond busy this week with work during the day, classes at night, and I’ve had my wisdom teeth taken out and a root canal, so I just didn’t have a time slot to post……Guilt…..
But I’m feeling much better now, and have my routine worked out, so I can post more often now, probably every 2-3 days rather than every day, for the next few weeks, but don’t be surprised if I do post daily.

So anyway, I headed into Brown Thomas on Grafton Street the other night and got two of my staples: Clinique “take the day off” makeup remover balm and Mac mineralize pressed powder in “Medium Plus” -I couldn’t live without either of them! Mineralize is the foundation I use daily, it’s so good, it converted me from full coverage heavy liquid foundation (plus primer and powder, of course) to just light sheer natural coverage (sacrilege to me previously) and the reason is that it looks so good, “Your skin but better” ….Shangri-La!

Then I got Clinique take the day off balm. You can get this in a liquid form, that you remove with a cotton bud. But I prefer the balm, even though it’s the most expensive “take the day off” they have, because the solid into oil texture suits my skin better and I’m just the type who likes to rub it all in with my hands and then wash it off with water – If feels more complete and clean with no irritation whatsoever, and it lasts forever! It was 28 euro, but it lasts more than 6 months – I still have a few corner bits from my last one, and that could do me for another 2 weeks if I really wanted.


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