Victoria Beckham SS13

Aul Victoria Beckham has seriously come up in my esteem in the last few years! She has made the genuine transition from WAG to Bona-fide High end designer. As you can tell from the exceptional quality and craft of her designs, this aint no “WAG’s-rags collection.”

If I was supremo rich I would be heading straight for Victoria Beckham without a doubt! (And I’m a bitch, when it comes to wardrobe choices – If its not a quality garment – I wont buy it no matter who designed it)

This collection is doing it for me more than any of her others to date,….I’d almost say it was my fav show of fashion week, only I don’t have one – More like a top ten. I’m loving the shoes! That peep of skin out of an otherwise utilitarian design is just amazing – and has spawned a million highstreet inspirations! (foot-phobes beware)

I’m also crazy about the maxi skirts and the use of the colour red-orange (what would you call it, its amazing anyway). This is a collection that gives people what they want before they know they want it!…Unless of course you’re me and def know that you want it! Right now!! If anybody wants to make my Christmas come early sent this collection my way!


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