Cocoa Brown Tan – Ive totally changed my mind – I think its amazing

cocoa brown tan 2

Ok, I know I said I didn’t think Cocoa brown was the best tan ever and it wasn’t that dark or that natural looking, read about it here, BUT, I’ve completely changed my mind!!

Last week I was in shopping in town wearing cocoa brown, a white cotton skirt, army jacket, Ray Ban Aviators, Toms and a burgundy American apparel “basic t”. So far so normal, right? Only, in every shop, they said everything very slowly, and were then totally surprised when I said a really Irish thing like “ah that’s grand sure” because…drumroll….they thought I was a Spanish student, because I was so tanned!!

I laughed this off and said thanks, til at happened another three times!! It all came to a head, when I tried to get on a bus on Dame street, (standing next to a group of Spanish students and their teacher), and instead found myself being grabbed round the collar, given out to in rapid Spanish and clapped gently round the head, by their middle aged teacher! It was only when she got a good look at my totally bemused potato face that she copped I wasn’t one of her students – just a really tanned looking Irish girl!

So, this proves it, Cocoa Brown is a really, really, good natural dark tan! So good infact, that it makes people doubt your nationality! Shangri-La of the fake tan world!! So I’m totally revoking my bad review! The effort is worth it and the colour is totally natural!


2 thoughts on “Cocoa Brown Tan – Ive totally changed my mind – I think its amazing

  1. Loving this! I always use Top Image, but it’s fairly pricey! Recently got a 100ml bottle of Rodial Clear Brazillian Tan with Elle magazine! I was too late getting to a pharmacy last weekend so after reading some reviews online that said it was normally £30 and available in Nordstrom in the states I took the plunge… It was HORRIFIC. So so streaky (and I’m a dab hand at tan!!) 😦 Traumatized! I’ll definitely check out Coco Brown now, thanks for the review!! 🙂 x PS Came here for the bloghop… now cannot leave, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! 🙂 x

    • Tell me about it! Rodial Clear Brazillian Tan was my biggest mistake of a purchase!! They should call it Brazillian ZEBRA Tan its that streaky! I love your blog too btw!! I just followed you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE baking! Im even thinking of starting up a food blog

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