Behind the scenes…Penney’s AW 13 Collection

Penneys Aw 13 behind the sceans 14

OOOOOH! I’ve just had a behind the scenes peek at Penney’s (or Primark if you are one of my UK readers) AW13 collection press event that was hosted in the Chocolate Factory. And seriously guys, WOW! I was bowled over by it! Who’d a known, Irelands favourite purse friendly destination would grow up to be an edgy, chic, must-have fashion destination….AND still stay really cheap!

I know it’s roasting outside, but, I’m letting you all know about it now, because everything hits stores in August….and as we all know, you need to be up early to get “the good stuff from Penney’s” before it all sells out.

Especially their new “Limited Edition” accessories, which are slightly more expensive (but still bargaintastic -don’t worry!) but more than slightly amazing! Again, you need to be up EXTRA early to get your hands on these, because they are out in deliberately very small quantities (Good if you want to avoid saying Irelands favourite phrase “Thanks Penney’s” for the hundredth time in a day, cos everyone in Ireland has bought the same thing as you)

I’ll post all of the official advert pics tomorrow, but for now, click on the gallery below to take a look behind the scenes….

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