Fun in the Sun – Day in Dun Laoghaire

photo (12)

There’s a serious heatwave in Dublin at the moment! So last weekend I headed out with three friends to Dun Laoghaire to enjoy the heat wave. For all my UK and USA readers, Dun Laoghaire, is this beautiful Victorian seaside town in Dublin, with a hipster nautical vibe. Ask any Dubliner, they will tell you it’s the nostalgia filled sunny-day location that holds a warm place in their heart. It’s also great fun too! People often say Dublin is boring, but I totally disagree! Its only as boring as you are.

So our day of fun in the sun all began as we headed out on the Dart, and waited on the platform surrounded by parents and kids carrying buckets and spades, breathing in that rare and wonderful smell of warm concrete and seaweed that you only get in a Dublin heatwave, and bantering like only Irish people in the sun can.

The coast views on the DART are worth seeing in themselves, especially on a sunny day, but we were extra excited because we got a “four seater” (rare on Irish trains) so we all got to sit together and banter some more. We headed down to the peoples park that overlooks the harbour where there was a food festival, which had a cool laid back festival vibe. You could just wander through all the different stands taking in all the different mouth watering smells, and then stretch out on the grass listening to the DJ playing as you sun yourself, chillax, and eat. We could have stayed there all day but we just HAD to head down to the Dublin staple – Teddy’s icecream parlour on the East pier! Because it’s the traditional Dublin on a sunny day thing (and also gorgeous ) there’s always a massive que outside Teddys. But its worth the wait for one of their 99s! It’s been around since the 50’s, and even though I’m sure they make a killing, it still retains that quaint family run nostalgic charm we love so much. I think they must mix some love into their icecream machine, because we all left with a smile!

photo (39)
photo (37)
photo (35)

Armed with our 99s, we headed down to the pier and took a shortcut through this beautiful wisteria lined walkway looking out onto the pier, and sat down on a beautiful grassy sitting area with the funfair in the background, and the sea to the front.

photo (30)photo (34)photo (31)photo (33)photo (25)

After that we headed to the funfair! Now I have a confession, I’m actually totally scared of the rides! Not the rides themselves, but the fact that they are kinda poorly maintained so I think they could break!! But I went on them anyway Cos sure, it’ll be grand…

I totally recommend going on the Ferris wheel, even if you are afraid of heights like me, because the view was spectacular and a great photo op. We were typical squeelly girls, so every time we got to the bottom the lad working there would run over and spin us…does that mean we were favourites or just wimps?

photo (24)photo (23)photo (20)photo (19)
photo (17)photo (16)photo (14)

After that, we took a walk down the pier and watched all the boats bobbing, aswell as skateboarders jumping from the top of the wall and skimming along the edge of the bottom half of the pier.

photo (28)

photo (26)

We then headed down to the Haute hippy promenade for some dinner at around 7, we (didn’t notice the time flying by – so I guess the old phrase is true ) It takes a good while to get a table there especially on a sunny day but it was so worth it! We ate in Gourmet Burger Kitchen, under a massive orange umbrella, and chowed down on Huge BBQ burgers – the kind you have to take apart and eat in instalments. And MASSIVE Eton messes for desert. The only thing that I could say in fault was the opportunistic pigeons!!They were everywhere!!! We were being bombarded!! My friend Katie and I have a shared fear of pigeons, so when one of them decided to fly under our umbrella and swoop perilously close to our heads it may as well have been a scene from “The Birds”, which our fellow dinner seemed to think was Totes hillar.
photo (15)photo (13)

As the sun started to set, we headed on home on the dart and watched the sun going down on the backdrop of the gorgeous Dublin coast.

Until next time…


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