Paris Street style: Haute Couture Fashion week 2013

astreet style12astreet style 10

They say there’s nothing better than Paris in the spring time….and I have to admit, I am partial to an aul fantasy or two of cruising around on a Vespa with a sexy guy, bitta accordion music, blossums in the tree’s, big baguette tucked under my arm….You get the idea.

But, there actually IS something better than Paris in the spring time…(well, once the pair of you are finished with that massive baguette that is)…Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week….in July!

This is the week you will walk into a “chemiste” and notice that all of the blister plasters have sold out, and all the hangover cures? You will see a six foot tall goddess walking by, and think you will never see the like again….until you do, 5 minutes later, sitting in a café…and then again, 10 minutes later, checking her iPhone….and not only that-but there all seriously stylish? What’s going on? Fashion week that’s what! A week where everyone in fashion flocks to Paris like swallows in the summer. A city that couldn’t get more chic and beautiful – does. And it’s rife with street style opportunities, because the people you only see in magazines, are actually right there- standing in front of you!…like a unicorn! Here are my favs….

astreet style

astreet style 6

astreet style 8

astreet style 1

astreet style 7

astreet style 3

astreet style 2

astreet style 5

Oh, and there’s also tonnes of sexy male models wandering around too….so you might still get that spin on a Vespa….

Until next time….


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