Hottest Trends AW13/14 :Tartan

Eeeek, bit of a nip in the air these days isn’t there? Getting dark earlier and earlier…..I hate to sound like a game of thrones character, but, -winter is coming.

And tartan is the number one trend to rock. Fashion is set to go all Anglo-manic this winter, ever since Karl Lagerfeld’s metiers d’Art collection, which was a Scottish noble extravaganza (that’s still giving me goosebumps) rolling in tartan.

And where Tsar Karl leads, everyone follows. And why wouldn’t they!? The above is Moschino AW 13/14 show and its one of my favs to showcase the trend! I’d say this collection will sell really well in America, and win everyone over in Europe (in Britain and Ireland we have to wear this sort of thing as a school uniform, so we might take some time to be won over) But tartans one of my favourite materials/prints, and it can be styled either way –classy, ladylike and chic, or 90s grunge- baycity rollers stylie.

I’m already chomping at the bit to hit the high street and get my mitts on everything tartan, I almost have a craving for haggis and tatties!!(which is act quite nice btw) Tomorrow, I’ll post all my wish list items and spread my Anglo-mania.

Until next time…


12 thoughts on “Hottest Trends AW13/14 :Tartan

  1. Totally fell in love with Tartan when I got the MAC palette for Christmas a few years back! Reinvented the Clueless trend for me!! 🙂 Love the blog Louise, here for the bloghop but you now have a loyal follower! 🙂 x

    • No way me too! I was gonna put the mac tartan pic into a moodboard in my next post about my highstreet fav’s on the trend! You should check out 9 Crow street fb page too, they have some great clueless inspired outfits 🙂

      • Love it!!! 🙂 I’m about to finish my MBS in International Public Policy & Diplomacy and was looking up the law society website earlier… Then I see you’re sitting your PPC exams! Coinky-dink! Best of luck with them! Your blog is not suffering at all!! 🙂 for all of your baking needs! 😉 x

    • yep, this is the blog hop bit 🙂 Leave links to your blogs here, follow me I follow you 🙂 Some great blogs out there guys keep it up 🙂 I’m also gonna do this again in 2 weeks so don’t worry if you missed this week

    • I know and there was a heat wave last month! I keep getting surprised when I notice its dark….at 9:30??? whaaat? I’d say it will be chanel who does it, because of their Matiers dArt collection…maybe…but they tend to stick to the “classy” sort of thing not necessarily trend driven stuff so Idunno

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