Philip Treacy SS 13 Uses an All Black Model cast

Philip Treacy SS 2013 show featured an all black model line up -and it was a huge big deal, sparking debate about how the fashion industry under represents black models on the runway at fashion week, because designers think their (presumably, all-white) customers cant picture themselves in the clothes when they see black models in them on the runway.

My thoughts however, after seeing the show, and then hearing the debate were “Huh?…….I didn’t actually notice they were black”…..”I’d better watch it again and have a closer look”….”Oh yeh, they are……wonder what I’ll have for dinner later….that hat that looks like a hand is so cool, could I get away with wearing that in coppers?…..”

I mean, really, its 2013, is skin tone even an issue anymore?? As you can see, I didn’t even notice the models skin tones at first (and you probably didn’t either), so using black models doesn’t mean customers cant picture themselves in the clothes, and hopefully, after this show, designers can cast whichever model has that certain je-ne-se-qua on casting day regardless of her skin tone……(well, so long as she is 6ft ,size 0, super young, and gorgeous……it is the fashion industry and all- and we all know how representative of the average woman that is)


3 thoughts on “Philip Treacy SS 13 Uses an All Black Model cast

  1. Amazing show, actually high fashion instead of shoving black models into tribal prints or zebra!! I found this article ages ago, a real eye opener!

    I always think because of legends like Iman, Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks and now Chanel Iman and Jourdan Dunn that race isn’t a big deal with fashion, but clearly these famous faces are an exception to the rule.

    Seriously, a black president of the US but an all-black model cast is a shocker?? Makes you wonder!

  2. Really does! And I even kind of find the “only for tribal themes” thing insulting to see, even though I’m white. It’s like they think that’s how white people see black people or something, which we obviously don’t.
    Its so funny cos the fashion industry is so open and taboo free in some ways, and yet so frozen on this.

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