Trending AW 13 : Tartan

tartan col

In case you hadn’t noticed, tartans one of the biggest, if not THE biggest trend for AW 13, that has everyone secretly wishing they had some Scottish heritage to boost the cool factor (I’m Irish and I have a cousin with red hair, is that close enough?) and sure who doesn’t melt hearing that accent eh?

Only thing is, this trend is really easy to tip the scales from fashion, into “extra in Braveheart”. So how do you avoid that?

Well the key thing is not to wear it head to toe. Wear just one key piece, and break it up the rest of the outfit with a plain one colour fabric like a white shirt, or sweatshirt, denim, and leather boots with trophy gold details.

This way it’s definitely “fashion” and not “They may take our liiiiiives!! But they’ll never take, Our FREEEEEEEDOM!!!”

a tartan 4


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