Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball- Yock!

Is there something between a wince and a vomit? Incase you hadn’t noticed, Miley Cyrus released this song today, and nobody likes the video.

Have to say, I like the song, (I never listened to her Disney stuff, so I cant honestly say I liked her better before) and the video had it’s potential…..well, until she came swinging naked on a wrecking ball! And that did it, ruined. She wre-e-e-eked the video with that wrecking ball.

The whole video just looks so uncomfortable, and gross and desperate. Why is she licking the hammer? Why is she half humping the hammer? Why is she rolling in gravel? And why did she let Terry Richardson the infamously vulgar fashion/porn photographer (and his work falls more on the side of porn, if you ask anybody in fashion, or the man himself) direct her video?

Apparently, according to Terry Richardson, its spos to symbolise how she still loves the pain of her past relationship (missed that) cant cope, and so is sexualising that pain….(again, I missed that).

To me it all just looks like she is trying to make it look like the above, but she’s actually hoping that people will just think of porn when they see the video, and that this will then become the next cult classic like “call on me” …..but it hasn’t worked….everyone just cringes when they see it…and it doesn’t grow on you either.

Building sites arnt the most arousing things to begin with, whenever I think “building sight” I just think “Ugh,those builders are going to wolf-whistle at me”, or “Stress, when will the water/electricity/roof be put back on my house” or “Poor builders, I’d hate to have to work out in that rain”….But I’ve never thought “Well now, that’s a sexy location”. So it’s not the best setting for a “would be” sexy video…I mean, unless your a member of “the village people” or something.

So while I love this song, I’m definitely gonna be listening to it with the screen minimised. Because then at least her beautiful voice isn’t wasted (same cant be said for her looks and energy, but hey, beggerrs cant be choosers)


3 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball- Yock!

  1. Ha! You’re too nice! Look, she got 62m views in three days, I’m sure she’s laughing all the way to the bank! Don’t they say all publicity is good publicity?

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