Simone Rocha AW13 Girlie Dusty Pink Trend AW13

If you just don’t seem to fall on the punk/grunge vibe side of things for AW 13, never fear! Chic, girlie, polished and sophisticated is the other side of the fashion coin for AW 13. Its the flip side of the grunge/punk trend, with dusty pink being the colour du jour. Irish girl Simone Rocha (daughter of John Rocha dont’cha know) was the designer leading the pack with this trend at fashion week.

The look was very classy, chic, tailored, and fashion forward, but with that same functional wearable aesthetic that aul Daddy John Rocha is famous for. So it’s not just for the super girlie girls amongst us. The look is not a “childish” “princess” or “saccharine” kind of girlie, its more “classy and sophisticated”. Id say a woman of any age could wear this look, not just the under 18’s.

When your going for the Simone Rocha look this season, keep the look simple, go for slicked back hair, minimalistic iridescent nude makeup, and minimal accessories (leave the statement bags at home).

One of the best places on the high street to showcase this trend (and doing some great dupes of Simone Rocha’s stuff) is Penney’s They have two really gorgeous dusty pink cocoon style coats that are both under €40 and under. Next is Zara they have a gorgeous dusty pink, super-soft pastel pink overcoat for €139, and Unique at Topshop has an out of this world one for €535 that just has an indefinable “glow” when you see it (but its sold exclusively at, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that its fab)

a pink coat 5
Penney’s €40

a pink coat
Zara €139

a pink  coat 4
Topshop Unique €535

PrimarkAW13 12
Penney’s €30

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2 thoughts on “Simone Rocha AW13 Girlie Dusty Pink Trend AW13

  1. Great post! 🙂 Love the more tailored Penneys coat! I think I’m too short to pull off cocoon coats, I feel they swamp me! Definitely agree with the minimalist trend, anything too girly or detailed would come off Blair Waldorf!

  2. I was actually totally thinking of her when I first looked at this collection ha! 🙂 Yeh, but I havnt seen it yet, and Ive looked in three different Penneys three different weeks 😦 Its prob sold out cos when I was at the launch of the collection they said it would be in the first week of September

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