AW 13 Makeup Trend Report: London Fashion week

AW13 makeup 2Aw13 makeup

Irish and British girls, I have some news. Now, you might want to sit down before I tell you this, maybe I should pour you a little glass of brandy….actually…maybe I’ll just leave the bottle….this will be hard to take, very shocking….

One of the strongest trends for AW13 is- gulp – “no makeup-makeup”.

I know, I know, I took it kinda hard too!

Only thing is, the “no makeup makeup look” actually requires ALLOTA-LOTTA makeup. Probably just as much as a full “Cheryl Cole” face, and actually looks nothing like your face first thing in the morning. The video above says “foundation and nothing else” ….but like so many of the illusions the fashion industry gives us, it is an illusion. ( People that work backstage are used to putting tones of work into makeup so they probably think they just used foundation and nothing else)

The pictures above are backstage photos from fashions golden boy, Tom Ford. The best place to start with this look is with a pale toned, sheer finish foundation like Maybelline fit me, or Dolce and Gabbana Perfect Luminous foundation ,and tones and tones of illuminator like NARS “Copacabana” . You don’t need much powder cos the look is all about dewiness this season rather than a matte finish (were trying to pretend we just rolled out of bed , remember)

Next, a neutral shade like NARS in “orgasm” just under the cheekbones to contour the face. Use a really big brush like the MAC 150, and apply with a feather light hand! The look is supposed to be more of a subliminal veil, rather than a hard line.

After that move on to eyes, this season it’s all about neutral liquid caramels with a glossy soft focus finish. Backstage at Tom Ford, they used Tom Fords Shade and Illuminate pallet mixed with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, but you could also use MAC Pro-Longwear paint pot in “Camel Coat”, and Tom Ford eye defining pen on the inner top lashline, and a soft focus glossy lining on the bottom. Keep mascara subliminal, just one, or two coats at the most. But feel free to let the brows stay strong.

Finally, finish with a creamy semi matte, nude lip like Tom Ford in Blush Nude, like the picture above. And you’re good to go, and say “oh yeh, I just rolled out of bed”, and then drink in all the admiring nods.

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