BioDerma Crealine H2O – worth the hype? The search for the perfect makeup remover continues

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For those of you who don’t yet know, BioDerma Crealine H2O is a cult make up remover. And with a cult following that consists mostly of fashion insiders, backstage makeup artists, models, beauty editors, and top bloggers, you could safely assume that this stuff is the Shangri la of makeup removers……..or can you?

Its also reassuringly expensive at €60 a bottle, and hard to get a hold of outside of France (there’s only one place in London and one in New York, and they are permanently sold out coming up to fashion week ) So it must be good, right?

Meh, two months into using it, and getting it in Paris for €25 (mama didn’t raise no fool), I can safely say, that while it is really good, it not Shangri la, not quite worth the hype. I can see how it would be great for a makeup artist backstage wanting to correct mistakes with a q-tip and not irritate the poor models skin. But for everyday use, it’s not that great.

One – While it doesn’t irritate my skin or eyes in any way (very very big achievement for a makeup remover) , it still requires allot of faffing around with a cotton bud that is a bit of a nuisance at 4am after a night out, and you never get it all off first go so you have to keep going back again and again to get rid of all your mascara. And even then, it still leaves behind a slightly “tacky” veil feeling on your skin, that makes you just want to wash your face with water.

Two – I’m slightly biased because I’m in the “wash it all off with water” makeup remover camp. Because I just don’t ever feel clean enough just wiping it off with a cotton pad. And it’s actually quite bad for your skin to do so, if you have acne, eczema, or dry skin. Because you are just wiping the bacteria all around your face and then leaving it overnight to multiply.

So again, I see how this is great backstage, you want to thoroughly and quickly remove a models makeup from the last show she was in, and have a clean blank canvas, without irritating and stripping the poor girls face. And so if there is a tacky residue left behind, and you use a million cotton buds in the process, its no big deal, the makeup is gone and her skin is fine sure. But for a normal person using it every day it’s not worth the hype, and not worth it in the long term because its just not ment for everyday use- its designed for backstage. And really, backstage stuff is called “backstage” for a reason – because that’s where they are designed for.

And so, my search for the perfect makeup remover continues. Are there any really good makeup remover out there that I don’t know about yet? What makeup removers do you guys use? let me know in the comments


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