Snapshot of my week


1 Listening to:

2 Eating: Home made steak and kidney pie that I made from scratch – Hi, my names Louise, and I’m a cook-aholic.
3 Doing: Having a serious clear out, and selling it all on eBay and to vintage designer shops around Dublin like RubyRuby, and preparing for my driving test – second time’s the charm.
4 Reading: Gone with the wind – Girl loves her classics
5 Wishing: Halloween was not on a Thursday this year. No, your boss probably won’t believe it was the sound of bangers and fireworks that kept you up all night.
6 Using: Clinique three step Acne Solutions, and Moroccan oil for my hair.
7 Wearing: Tartan pinafore dress, Double breasted navy coat, worker boots and the “no makeup -makeup look” seen at Tom Ford AW13 show (check out my instagram feed on the right to see pics )
8 Loving: Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.
9 Watching: Downton Abbey…..but really…zzzzz
10 Google-ing: Dusty pink cocoon coat….with surprisingly little success.


4 thoughts on “Snapshot of my week

    • @Bhavika ….

      Unfortunately sweetheart you cant, because that’s plagiarism. And if you did it, I would have to report you to WordPress. But don’t worry, I understand, you are relatively new to blogging, so you probably don’t know about blogging etiquette yet.
      And thanks for saying its a cool idea 🙂 You have some great posts too 🙂

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