Mane and tail shampoo review

mane and tailMane and tail horsemane and tail 2

When I was a nipper in the 90’s this was the animal use only shampoo I bought for €1 a bottle for ”my lovely lovely lovely lovely horse” called Lady, running around the equine supply’s shop Homestead saddelery, while my mam was around the back buying bags of feed and de-wormer. (for the horse, not herself)

Then in 2001, it became a “wonder product” after the original hair envy celeb Jennifer Anniston revealed in an interview that it was the secret of her famously luscious locks. Sales of the equine product went through the roof overnight and so the folks at Mane and tail thinking cha-ching, brought out a full hair care range for humans with conditioners, shine enhancing sprays, leave in conditioners, de-tangling sprays, and even nail strengtheners called “Hoofmaker”.

Jaysus! I thought, why didn’t I make the connection earlier! When you take a horse straight from the field, they have extremely thick course hair (three times thicker than human hair) that gets matted and dry – the total opposite of soft and silky. But after just one wash with all this stuff at shows and races the horse’s hair and coat always looked amazing and silky like the picture above.

But I never actually tried it til last week, when I saw it on sale in my local chemist for €3.50. Ah I’ll give it a whirl I thought, see if it’s worth the hype. It’s super moisturising and is rumoured to contain allot of the smoothing and strengthening ingredients that salon brands use, and is sulphate and detergent free. VERY promising I thought, almost exactly like a salon product, and its only €3.50! So I gave the shampoo and the conditioner a go.

But unfortunately, it was a bit meh. While it behaved very like a salon brand shampoo in that it didn’t foam up very much (detergent is really damaging for your hair, so its good that it doesn’t have much ) and my hair felt like silk when it was wet . Once I finished blowdrying and GHD’ing. I realised it was a bit too moisturising and made my hair limp and heavy! I was hoping it would be bouncy and shiny – and that Id have a big sexy mane blowing behind me, like a big galloping stallion swishing in the wind. But to be fair, my hair is naturally quite strong and silky to begin with so all the extra moisture and strengthening was probably overkill.

This range gets allot of mixed reviews in the blogosphere. Anyone that says they have extremely course, frizz prone, dry, colour damaged and over processed hair raves about it. But anyone with thin silky hair hates it. So it just depends on the type of hair you have. Also to its credit, I think it could be perfect if you have hair extensions (which are almost always 95% horse hair and just 5% human -no matter what they say on the label) so this would be perfect to counteract the tangling and matting you encounter after a couple of weeks wear, and maybe give you swishy stallion hair.


2 thoughts on “Mane and tail shampoo review

  1. Hi Squeezie… Tis your uncle Niall enjoying your blogs for the first time, they’re a howl.. A middle aged hairy bloke refreshingly entertained by a skin care product review ??? When’s the book launch ?

    • Thanks so much 🙂 You and Orlagh can follow my blog by by email (the button on the right hand side on the home page ) and you will never miss a blog post 🙂 Haha dunno if I’ll be following in Carrie Bradshaw’s steps just yet, but never say never 😉

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