Chanel AW 13 show

This is one of my favourite AW 13 shows. Karl Lagerfeld, head designer for Chanel, says that the concept for the show has two dimensions. First that the first Chanel boutique opened 100 years ago in 1913, and now there are 300 Chanel boutiques all over the world. But secondly, because now from China to the Middle East, everyone adores Chanel. And this is because even after 100 years, they are making a product that is still desirable and still relevant. “A tribute to the world if you will, and a tribute to the brand of Chanel” says Lagerfeld of his collection.

The giant globe in the middle marks with a small light, the location of each Chanel store in each country across the globe. The set and the globe itself took over 400 hours to make and there was even a question that this could not be done as something like this had never been attempted before. But with typical Chanel ingenuity, the impossible was made possible.

In keeping with the global theme, the show also had the highest proportion of Asian and Middle Eastern models of any show at fashion week this year. Which is a great step in the right direction for high fashion, but this is also because these markets (unlike the west) are still booming economically and are now Chanel’s biggest consumers, so it makes sense to represent them on the catwalk.
They are also quite conservative dressers in Asia and in the Middle East, but at the same time they are very fashion and design conscious, so the chic ladylike designs that Chanel creates are a perfect fit for these markets.

I want everything in this collection! Expect to see allot of greys and shadows on the high street this season, allot of flat shoes, and allot of chains on accessories, as seen here, because Chanel is the go-to designer for the high street designers inspiration. And as everyone in fashion knows, where Tsar Karl leads, everyone follows.


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