9 Crow Street – Dublin’s hottest Vintage store AW 2013

Extra 9 Crow 109 Crow Street 4

Extra 9 Crow

If you havnt heard of 9 Crow Street vintage store yet, then you soon will! It is one of Irelands hottest new vintage boutiques, featured in every Irish magazine you pick up these days. They have even been featured in British Vogue, as in-BRITISH VOGUE the style bible everyone in fashion would give their right arm and more, to be featured in!….but never are, because they just arnt BRITSH VOGUE standard….But that’s not the case with 9 Crow Street.

They are a cut above the rest of the vintage market, hand selecting each piece, to ensure that it is of the highest quality, always on trend, dry cleaned, and without that “vintage shop” smell. Every time I go into their shop, or look at their facebook updates, it’s as if they read my mind, and knew what I was looking for, before I knew I was looking for it! The vibe of the shop is very 90s – think of the cult classic movie “Clueless” and your right on the money! Its a bit like walking into Cher’s computerised closet! Check out the slideshow at the bottom of the post to see some of their stuff.

Unlike allot of vintage stores, 9 Crow Street are very driven, constantly updating their cool and edgy website, delivering worldwide, using Irelands coolest edgy stylists, photographers, and models for their photoshoots, and interacting with their customers through social media – they even ask their fans to send them their wish lists when they are heading to the states on buying trips. And all of this is the brainchild of three early twenty something’s! Expect even bigger things from these guys in years to come!

So, you would think that with this level of cool and quality, that everything in 9 Crow Street would be super expensive, but its not! Expect to pay between €20-€30 for knitwear skirts and trousers, €35-€70 for coats and jackets, and €20-€70 for going out stuff.

If you want to head down and pay them a visit, their new shop (not actually located on 9 Crow Street anymore) is on 57 Amiens Street, IFSC, Dublin 1, Ireland. Or check out their website http://9crowstreet.com/ , or add them on Facebook and Instagram.

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