Shopping the Dublin launch of Isabel Marant for H&M 2013


H&M’s high end designer collaborations are notorious for selling out within minutes of going on sale, and then selling for three or four times the price on eBay within hours. You have to practically camp outside the shop to get a chance at buying anything. And this seasons collaboration was no different! The collection hit stores last Thursday the 14th, and yours truly was there waiting at the door for the 9am opening ready to give you guys the inside scoop.

Now, not being a fan of freezing to death overnight in a pop up tent Bear Grylls /Blaire Witch Project style, I decide to skip to camping overnight part, and rocked up at the store at 8:30am, after a good night sleep in my house, thinking “Mama didn’t raise no fool” “I’ll be way ahead of the crowds and be at the front of the que”- I wasn’t! There was already a que outside that could give Coppers a run for its money. Some had been there since 6am to ensure a good spot, bringing long suffering boyfriends and best friends in tow to mind their stop in the line while they went on bathroom breaks. But the atmosphere was friendly, everyone chatting about what pieces wanted (the fringed boots, embellished Aztec jacket, silk speckled dress and the red leggings were on everyone’s list) and not unsurprisingly, most had no intention to wear them, they were just going to sell them for three times the price on eBay the second they got home (Mama didnt raise no fools in this que).

When the shop assistants rocked up at 9am to open the shop, and issue out the “VIP wristbands” allowing you shop the collection, and present at the till or else you couldn’t buy. This was fine I thought, but then they issued the bombshell news- They only had 30 wristbands available! You could only buy 10 items! No buying of multiple items! And then – WE ONLY HAD 10 MINUTES TO SHOP! Well, there was no chit-chatting after that! This news was met with shifty glances counting the people ahead, sizing up the competition, like a heard of wilderbeast standing across the watering hole from lions.

Once the doors opened, there was a stampede towards the collection! It was a bit like an episode of supermarket sweep! Everyone was grabbing their loot and running to the til.

In the end, all that was left behind were earrings! Everything sold out in under ten minutes! But I did manage to get some pic’s just before the madness really broke out. And I gotta tell ya, the hysteria isnt worth it – they’re just like any other H&M clothes, just with fantastic marketing and re-sale value. There expensive for their quality, and they’re not particularly well cut, despite being designed by Isabel Marant, and they are nothing like her main line pieces. So when you consider that these things are going to sell for nearly €500-600 on eBay, it makes me wonder should people just buy from the main line instead, given they are close enough to the same price at that point but the quality is better…..well unless you can get it on the day from H&M that is…. Anyone got a pop up tent I could borrow for next year?

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