Snapshot of my week


1 Listening to:  Sigma –Nobody to love. Kanye West is sucking lemons over it apparently (which makes me like it even more lol)

2 Eating: Soya milk instead of Cows milk and other Dairy. My way of eating vegan without having to give up meat, which I love so much.

3 Doing: Driving lessons, plucking out a few beginner tunes on my sisters old guitar and painting some still life paintings for my family (no reallly)…my mam nearly fell over when she realized I had a hidden talent (and so did I ha)

4 Reading: Nothing! My FE1 exams are finally over! I’m not opening a book ever again….well until the results are out and I’ll have to study again…but a girl can dream.

5 Wishing:  I could fast forward my life to the 5th of July, when I’m going to be traveling up the Gold Coast in a VW Hippy van with my besties.

6 Using: Mane and tail shampoo + conditioner. Clinique Cityblock sheer primer, and MAC eye shadow in “belgian chocolate” mixed with Catrice “Goldrush”. And the Lumie Clear acne clearing light (reviews of all of them coming this week)  

7 Wearing: My hair in a fishbone plait, andSS14 pastels one day, then winter woolies the next! Will the weather ever make up its mind.

8 Loving: This blissfully ignorant period I’m having now that my FE1 exams are over, but I dont know the results yet. So I can have as much fun as I want, guilt free.  

9 Watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix – 100% 90’s TV! Still can’t believe I was 7 when it first aired!

10 Google-ing: “Rock me mama like a wagon wheel” guitar tutorial. No weirdo instructors please.


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