Hi Im Louise, and my nickname is “squeezie louisey” hence the name of the blog, it started as my family’s affectionate nickname for me when I was a cute pudgy “squeezie” baby, and it sort of just stuck, and now everyone uses it.

Im 23 I live in Dublin and I eat sleep and breath fashion and beauty. So much so, that I can usually tell which designer a celeb or model is wearing, just at a glance.

This blog is devoted, naturaly, to all things fashion and beauty, but with a dash of my ocassional blathering for you to enjoy.

I get asked allot about how long I wait before reviewing a product, and about myself, so I’ll just let you all know here:


Skincare: I usually give as long as the brand recommends before I write a review.
Haircare: I give 3-4 uses before reviewing, unless product states otherwise.
Foundation: 3-4 uses, in different environments like nights out, daywear, work-collage etc, reviews are based on average 12 hours wear.
Mascara: 1-3 uses, first use is usually not great because the formula is too wet to adhere to lashes, but, second and third are usually indicative.
Lipstick: Once- that’s all you need
Primers: Once
Highlighters-Bronzers-Blushers: Once
Perfume: 3-4 uses, you cant really smell your own perfume so you just have to go your own opinion first two uses, and then what others say for the next two.


I have normal to oily skin,
Short straight eyelashes,
Naturally curly, dark blonde hair, that’s occasionally prone to a bit of frizz,
I’m 5’7 in height,
A curvy UK size 8-10, but I can sometimes be a size 6, or a 12…just depends on the shop,
I don’t endorse or favour any body shape/size, I believe fashion is for everyone- plus size or skinny size,
I don’t have a set limit on how much to spend on clothes or products each month, sometimes I will spend quite a bit, other times I will spend nothing at all.
I studied Law in college, (real life Legally Blond right here) and now I’m doing professional legal exams called the FE1’s. Hopefully some day I can use my degree to work in the fashion industry, maybe doing legal work for a designer. I never give up on a dream.

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