Snapshot of my week


1 Listening to:  Sigma –Nobody to love. Kanye West is sucking lemons over it apparently (which makes me like it even more lol)

2 Eating: Soya milk instead of Cows milk and other Dairy. My way of eating vegan without having to give up meat, which I love so much.

3 Doing: Driving lessons, plucking out a few beginner tunes on my sisters old guitar and painting some still life paintings for my family (no reallly)…my mam nearly fell over when she realized I had a hidden talent (and so did I ha)

4 Reading: Nothing! My FE1 exams are finally over! I’m not opening a book ever again….well until the results are out and I’ll have to study again…but a girl can dream.

5 Wishing:  I could fast forward my life to the 5th of July, when I’m going to be traveling up the Gold Coast in a VW Hippy van with my besties.

6 Using: Mane and tail shampoo + conditioner. Clinique Cityblock sheer primer, and MAC eye shadow in “belgian chocolate” mixed with Catrice “Goldrush”. And the Lumie Clear acne clearing light (reviews of all of them coming this week)  

7 Wearing: My hair in a fishbone plait, andSS14 pastels one day, then winter woolies the next! Will the weather ever make up its mind.

8 Loving: This blissfully ignorant period I’m having now that my FE1 exams are over, but I dont know the results yet. So I can have as much fun as I want, guilt free.  

9 Watching: Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix – 100% 90’s TV! Still can’t believe I was 7 when it first aired!

10 Google-ing: “Rock me mama like a wagon wheel” guitar tutorial. No weirdo instructors please.


Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball- Yock!

Is there something between a wince and a vomit? Incase you hadn’t noticed, Miley Cyrus released this song today, and nobody likes the video.

Have to say, I like the song, (I never listened to her Disney stuff, so I cant honestly say I liked her better before) and the video had it’s potential…..well, until she came swinging naked on a wrecking ball! And that did it, ruined. She wre-e-e-eked the video with that wrecking ball.

The whole video just looks so uncomfortable, and gross and desperate. Why is she licking the hammer? Why is she half humping the hammer? Why is she rolling in gravel? And why did she let Terry Richardson the infamously vulgar fashion/porn photographer (and his work falls more on the side of porn, if you ask anybody in fashion, or the man himself) direct her video?

Apparently, according to Terry Richardson, its spos to symbolise how she still loves the pain of her past relationship (missed that) cant cope, and so is sexualising that pain….(again, I missed that).

To me it all just looks like she is trying to make it look like the above, but she’s actually hoping that people will just think of porn when they see the video, and that this will then become the next cult classic like “call on me” …..but it hasn’t worked….everyone just cringes when they see it…and it doesn’t grow on you either.

Building sites arnt the most arousing things to begin with, whenever I think “building sight” I just think “Ugh,those builders are going to wolf-whistle at me”, or “Stress, when will the water/electricity/roof be put back on my house” or “Poor builders, I’d hate to have to work out in that rain”….But I’ve never thought “Well now, that’s a sexy location”. So it’s not the best setting for a “would be” sexy video…I mean, unless your a member of “the village people” or something.

So while I love this song, I’m definitely gonna be listening to it with the screen minimised. Because then at least her beautiful voice isn’t wasted (same cant be said for her looks and energy, but hey, beggerrs cant be choosers)

Philip Treacy SS 13 Uses an All Black Model cast

Philip Treacy SS 2013 show featured an all black model line up -and it was a huge big deal, sparking debate about how the fashion industry under represents black models on the runway at fashion week, because designers think their (presumably, all-white) customers cant picture themselves in the clothes when they see black models in them on the runway.

My thoughts however, after seeing the show, and then hearing the debate were “Huh?…….I didn’t actually notice they were black”…..”I’d better watch it again and have a closer look”….”Oh yeh, they are……wonder what I’ll have for dinner later….that hat that looks like a hand is so cool, could I get away with wearing that in coppers?…..”

I mean, really, its 2013, is skin tone even an issue anymore?? As you can see, I didn’t even notice the models skin tones at first (and you probably didn’t either), so using black models doesn’t mean customers cant picture themselves in the clothes, and hopefully, after this show, designers can cast whichever model has that certain je-ne-se-qua on casting day regardless of her skin tone……(well, so long as she is 6ft ,size 0, super young, and gorgeous……it is the fashion industry and all- and we all know how representative of the average woman that is)

Snapshot of my week

snapshot of my week.3

1 Listening to:

2 Eating: Organic Tomato and lentil soup from Soup Dragon Capel Street
3 Doing: Life juggling
4 Reading: NYLON magazine
5 Wishing: My online orders would arrive already
6 Using: Viber and snapchat apps
7 Wearing: SS13 Orange and gold chunky-chain necklaces
8 Loving: Daft Punk evolution!!…my fav is the 1930’s- dont’cha know
9 Watching: “The returned” on channel 4
10 Googling: Tory Burch quilted pumps

How to pack a suitcase – thats under 25KG

suitcase 1
So your summer holiday (or vacation if you’re one of my USA readers) is just around the corner and you’re counting down the days til you can catch some rays and sip some cocktails. There’s only one thing you’re not looking forward to – packing!
If you’re like 83% of women, your suitcase will weigh 24.8kg, but you will only wear 1kg of the clothes you packed…..Wait, so I won’t actually wear that sixth bikini? I won’t wear UGG’s in Thailand?!?! Or Louboutins?!?! Whaat??
So here’s my fashionista guide to packing under 25kg, and still looking like you stepped off a catwalk.

Mix and match your clothes before you go:
Way easier than you think! And works especially well for interrailing and backpacking where you will be lugging around your bag, but you want to still look stylish for your pictures. All you need are key items like denim cut off shorts, cotton skirts, and a maxi dress that can take you from day to night, and then you can mix and match them with crop tops, shirts and jackets. Same goes for shoes. Aim to bring just 4 pairs. I recommend bringing gladiators, a pair of cool trainers, and wedge heels with an ankle strap because they are easier to walk in and a lifesaver for swollen ankles. Here’s an example of one key item mixed and matched five different ways:
holiday post

Makeup breakup
We all know that heart breaking feeling, that awful realisation….that your makeup has crumbled into a fine dust!! There’s usually no warning, you just open the compact and have the powder explode into your face, like a holiday ruining volcano!! But, you can prevent this unnataral disaster! Just put cotton wool over the powder to protect it and Selotape the lid! As an extra precaution, put everything in a ziplock bag so your clothes are protected if there is a makeup explosion.

photo (4)photo (3)

Share the load
If like me, you cant live without your GHD, hairdryer and all the tools that go with it, but cant afford the weight in your case, then all you have to do is text your friends and ask if they’re bringing theirs. Once you know someone in your party has one, you can borrow from them, and they can borrow tools from you, simples… could even be a completely cute who’er, and get the twelve week blowdry before you go! Absolutely no chance your hair will frizz and all you need is a hairdryer. Especially good, if you are going somewhere humid and remote.

I wish I was at Coachella…


Two weekends of dessert sunshine, amazing lineups, fashion set free, gorgeous people, scattered modern art sculptures, ferris wheels, A-lister’s mingling with the masses, amazing food….I wanted to be at Coachella anyway, but when I saw this moodboard from super cool blog penny and polaroid’s well, it made it official. If I was there, Id be the girl in the bottom of this pic with the long hair and blue denim cut offs letting my hair flow free in the breeze….

Lush Flush: Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Face Mask review

lush facemask

Ok so recently I’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a vegan. I’ve been following the “meat-free-Monday” health trend for the past year, so I thought oh what the hell, might as well try it 7 days a week. And if I was going vegan, I thought I might as well go teetotal, and go down the animal friendly makeup and cosmetics route. So I headed to Lush, to see what they had. I hadn’t been down to the lovely smelling shop since I was like 13-14, the last time I decided I wanted to be a vegan-vegetarian.

So on my would-be vegan journey, I came across Lush cosmetic warrior facemask E8:40 Which, the lovely hippy assistant told me, was made fresh that day in the shop and had to be kept in the fridge, and would expire in around 1 month. Wow so it’s def a natural product!

So, when I got home I wacked on CW, which is an acne fighting face mask (the pic makes it look like something you would cook for dinner), with tea-tree, kaolin clay, and manuka honey, grape, egg and Ahhh what -fresh garlic?!? According to the lovely folks at lush this is a great gentle antiseptic and anti-fungal ingredient that won’t mess with the PH of the skin. I was a bit afraid about the garlic, thinking I would smell like garlic after I used it. But I couldn’t smell it at all, the dominant smell was of tea-tree really, so you’d be grand. The texture was really thick, which is great, because natural facemasks tend to be like soup. I had to use a good “scoop” for cheeks and t-zone and spread it vigorously because it’s so thick, because its clay based. It felt lovely on, gave a lovely cooling cleansed feeling when I washed it off and definitely made it feel soft and matte, but the million dollar question? Was it any good for spot fighting? No, it wasn’t, and I used it once a week for a month. Admittedly I don’t actually have “acne”, I just had one or two bad ones on my forehead. But it should have at least fought those, and it didn’t, so I wouldn’t use this if you had proper acne and were hoping for real results. It’s good points though, are that even though you seem to get a tiny tub, its actually 75g and I still had two uses left in it after the 1 month expiration date, so if you wanted to get the girls around and have a pamper night this could be great for just a bit of craic, if you’re not looking for results, but don’t want anything negative to happen to your skin.

After using this I remembered why I stopped, using Lush products. Although it’s great that they make animal friendly, fresh natural products and have a lovely shop that smells divine, and incentivises recycling their pots, when you get the products home, there just not that effective. Unfortunately, some things just can’t be achieved with natural ingredients, because there not strong enough.