Behind the scenes at Shutterbug vintage Kilo Sale

kilo sale picphoto (54)

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I’m back! Ive been busy the past month doing exams, but they finally finished yesterday. So I’m going to update you all on what I’ve been up to in the mean time, but hav’nt had time to blog about.

My first port of call is the Shutterbug Vintage Kilo Sale last month. It was an intense experience! Vintage shoppers are the most ruthless and discerning of all shoppers, and when you have an incentive like “1 Kilo of clothes, for €20 first come first serve”….well that draws out the cream of the crop! There is no chit chat at this kind of thing, or politely waiting for someone to get out of the way, and there is definitely no “putting stuff down and coming back to it when you’ve had a think” because it would be gone!

That being said, it was a very trendy event. It was held in Moxy Studio’s on Lad Lane, which is a really cool “New York underground rave” style warehouse, just off Baggott Street, next to l’Ecrivain restaurant,. Everything was concrete walls and white partition panels separating the different sections. A very backstage at a fashion show vibe.

I had a bit of trouble finding it at first, but then, I saw a really chic looking girl in a maxi skirt, Jeffrey Campbell’s and a straw boating hat turning down the archway and disappearing, (Diagon Alley style) then two more just like her, and there were more at the end of the street coming my way, so the penny dropped, and I followed down the lane after them and made my way to the studio.

They had some great stuff, it was like being in a room full of throwback Thursday favourites like 90’s levis jackets, boyfriend jeans, dungarees, and 80’s sequined jackets. Most of the stuff was designer too which cant hurt. They had gorgeous Jeffrey Campbell spikey boots for around €60, vintage levis cut off shorts, and a waitcoat by Jeffrey Campbell that was to die for, but it was €230. The biggest drawback with vintage though, is that everything is one of a kind, so if they don’t have your size, you can’t buy it.
But they also had some crap too! Like puff sleeved sequin debs dresses from the 80’s, that could really only be used for firewood, and were probably only out so they could get rid of them.

I got two tartan skirts, that were made of woven lamb’s wool and just much better quality than anything I’ve seen on the highstreet. I also got two baggy 90’s style hand knitted jumpers with silk shoulder details, a mustard yellow poloneck (that my friends slagged me for, saying it looked like something I stole from Mario and Luigi and I don’t disagree now that Ive had a chance to look at it properly) and a Kenzo style evil eye hand knitted sweater. The queue was about 25 minutes long, and I actually had 2 kilos of stuff so my total was €40 which I hadn’t expected, but it worked out as just €8.20 per item and you would pay 10 times that for them on the highstreet.

Myself and my friends were so wrecked after, we actually needed a little sit down. So it was good that there were lots of food stalls in the forecourt in front, the kind you see at festivals. We stayed there for almost half an hour, gathering back our strength and showing our purchases, til we realised that only an Eddie Rockets would do, and so we headed down to the Baggott Street one and chowed down


AW 13 nail polish trends: Oxblood

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If you just follow one AW 13 trend, make it Oxblood nails. Say goodbye to last seasons delicate nudes and bold neons, this seasons nails are a darker sinister shade of sexy. Part brown, part purple oxblood is where it’s at.

I tried out “Maxfactor Glossfinity” in “Ruby fruit”, which promises glossy nails for seven days. I got mine today in Boots Grafton Street, for €5:60 so it’s very purse friendly. This shade is a very good dupe of MAC “Vintage Vamp” which I reviewed here, but it actually goes on much better and dries faster. Vintage Vamp, like most of MACs nail polishes need like 6 coats before the colour turns opaque, and dries at a glacial pace, and it doesn’t even go the distance in terms of chip resistance. (No DIY nail polish can, only a salon can give that to you)

But that’s not the case with Glossfinity! Two coats and its opaque, 10 minutes and its dry, and the colour is highly pigmented. For someone who doesn’t like cheap nail varnish – I’m really starting to love this cheap nail varnish! I feel a bit like I’m cheating on the high end brands, but when you can get something like this for a fiver, sure who cares.

Snapshot of my week


1 Listening to:

And cant help thinking it captures the spirit of my week.

2 Eating: Everything!

3 Doing: A lota-lota study, cos I’m in the middle of the FE1 exams.

4 Reading: A lot of law books, and an audio book of sense and sensibility to put me to sleep at night (not technically “reading”, but I’m too wrecked to read even more, after a long days reading)

5 Wishing: My exams were over, and that I could have gone to Oktoberfest with my friends – I miss you!…And had time to blog about Paris, New York and Milan fashion week as it happened.

6 Using: Nuxe Prodigious oil. Bioderma Crealine Micellaire H2O…..And way less glamorously- Capasal therapeutic shampoo…Exam stress has given me the lovely gift of psoriasis on my scalp. Review coming soon!

7 Wearing: My summer clothes! Cos its actually still quite warm.- Levi’s cut off shorts, Urban Outfitters vintage red tartan shirt tied around my waist, and an American Apparel Basic T in Charcoal, worker boots from River Island three years ago, and oxblood nails (Nails Inc in “Piccadilly Circus”)

8 Loving: That I’m going to New York on the 6th of December to shop, sight see and visit my skin-and-blister!!! Its one of my lifelong dreams come true! And I’ll share all the fun with all of you guys through instagram, this blog, and FB 😀

9 Watching: Breaking Bad…devo that its over!

10 Google-ing: Virtual magic eight ball, and asking it “will I pass the FE1’s”?

AW 13 Makeup Trend Report: London Fashion week

AW13 makeup 2Aw13 makeup

Irish and British girls, I have some news. Now, you might want to sit down before I tell you this, maybe I should pour you a little glass of brandy….actually…maybe I’ll just leave the bottle….this will be hard to take, very shocking….

One of the strongest trends for AW13 is- gulp – “no makeup-makeup”.

I know, I know, I took it kinda hard too!

Only thing is, the “no makeup makeup look” actually requires ALLOTA-LOTTA makeup. Probably just as much as a full “Cheryl Cole” face, and actually looks nothing like your face first thing in the morning. The video above says “foundation and nothing else” ….but like so many of the illusions the fashion industry gives us, it is an illusion. ( People that work backstage are used to putting tones of work into makeup so they probably think they just used foundation and nothing else)

The pictures above are backstage photos from fashions golden boy, Tom Ford. The best place to start with this look is with a pale toned, sheer finish foundation like Maybelline fit me, or Dolce and Gabbana Perfect Luminous foundation ,and tones and tones of illuminator like NARS “Copacabana” . You don’t need much powder cos the look is all about dewiness this season rather than a matte finish (were trying to pretend we just rolled out of bed , remember)

Next, a neutral shade like NARS in “orgasm” just under the cheekbones to contour the face. Use a really big brush like the MAC 150, and apply with a feather light hand! The look is supposed to be more of a subliminal veil, rather than a hard line.

After that move on to eyes, this season it’s all about neutral liquid caramels with a glossy soft focus finish. Backstage at Tom Ford, they used Tom Fords Shade and Illuminate pallet mixed with Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, but you could also use MAC Pro-Longwear paint pot in “Camel Coat”, and Tom Ford eye defining pen on the inner top lashline, and a soft focus glossy lining on the bottom. Keep mascara subliminal, just one, or two coats at the most. But feel free to let the brows stay strong.

Finally, finish with a creamy semi matte, nude lip like Tom Ford in Blush Nude, like the picture above. And you’re good to go, and say “oh yeh, I just rolled out of bed”, and then drink in all the admiring nods.

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Simone Rocha AW13 Girlie Dusty Pink Trend AW13

If you just don’t seem to fall on the punk/grunge vibe side of things for AW 13, never fear! Chic, girlie, polished and sophisticated is the other side of the fashion coin for AW 13. Its the flip side of the grunge/punk trend, with dusty pink being the colour du jour. Irish girl Simone Rocha (daughter of John Rocha dont’cha know) was the designer leading the pack with this trend at fashion week.

The look was very classy, chic, tailored, and fashion forward, but with that same functional wearable aesthetic that aul Daddy John Rocha is famous for. So it’s not just for the super girlie girls amongst us. The look is not a “childish” “princess” or “saccharine” kind of girlie, its more “classy and sophisticated”. Id say a woman of any age could wear this look, not just the under 18’s.

When your going for the Simone Rocha look this season, keep the look simple, go for slicked back hair, minimalistic iridescent nude makeup, and minimal accessories (leave the statement bags at home).

One of the best places on the high street to showcase this trend (and doing some great dupes of Simone Rocha’s stuff) is Penney’s They have two really gorgeous dusty pink cocoon style coats that are both under €40 and under. Next is Zara they have a gorgeous dusty pink, super-soft pastel pink overcoat for €139, and Unique at Topshop has an out of this world one for €535 that just has an indefinable “glow” when you see it (but its sold exclusively at, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that its fab)

a pink coat 5
Penney’s €40

a pink coat
Zara €139

a pink  coat 4
Topshop Unique €535

PrimarkAW13 12
Penney’s €30

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Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball- Yock!

Is there something between a wince and a vomit? Incase you hadn’t noticed, Miley Cyrus released this song today, and nobody likes the video.

Have to say, I like the song, (I never listened to her Disney stuff, so I cant honestly say I liked her better before) and the video had it’s potential…..well, until she came swinging naked on a wrecking ball! And that did it, ruined. She wre-e-e-eked the video with that wrecking ball.

The whole video just looks so uncomfortable, and gross and desperate. Why is she licking the hammer? Why is she half humping the hammer? Why is she rolling in gravel? And why did she let Terry Richardson the infamously vulgar fashion/porn photographer (and his work falls more on the side of porn, if you ask anybody in fashion, or the man himself) direct her video?

Apparently, according to Terry Richardson, its spos to symbolise how she still loves the pain of her past relationship (missed that) cant cope, and so is sexualising that pain….(again, I missed that).

To me it all just looks like she is trying to make it look like the above, but she’s actually hoping that people will just think of porn when they see the video, and that this will then become the next cult classic like “call on me” …..but it hasn’t worked….everyone just cringes when they see it…and it doesn’t grow on you either.

Building sites arnt the most arousing things to begin with, whenever I think “building sight” I just think “Ugh,those builders are going to wolf-whistle at me”, or “Stress, when will the water/electricity/roof be put back on my house” or “Poor builders, I’d hate to have to work out in that rain”….But I’ve never thought “Well now, that’s a sexy location”. So it’s not the best setting for a “would be” sexy video…I mean, unless your a member of “the village people” or something.

So while I love this song, I’m definitely gonna be listening to it with the screen minimised. Because then at least her beautiful voice isn’t wasted (same cant be said for her looks and energy, but hey, beggerrs cant be choosers)

Trending AW 13 : Tartan

tartan col

In case you hadn’t noticed, tartans one of the biggest, if not THE biggest trend for AW 13, that has everyone secretly wishing they had some Scottish heritage to boost the cool factor (I’m Irish and I have a cousin with red hair, is that close enough?) and sure who doesn’t melt hearing that accent eh?

Only thing is, this trend is really easy to tip the scales from fashion, into “extra in Braveheart”. So how do you avoid that?

Well the key thing is not to wear it head to toe. Wear just one key piece, and break it up the rest of the outfit with a plain one colour fabric like a white shirt, or sweatshirt, denim, and leather boots with trophy gold details.

This way it’s definitely “fashion” and not “They may take our liiiiiives!! But they’ll never take, Our FREEEEEEEDOM!!!”

a tartan 4