Penney’s Bambi Jumper €12 is the spits of Givenchy’s $1375 Bambi jumper – Woohoo!

bambi jumper 4

Every now and then in fashion, a miracle happens. An affordable high street item comes along, is so good that it becomes an iconic item, going viral in the blogosphere and appearing on every street, on every girl worth her fashion salt (like those €25 Zara skorts that were seen on every fashion insider this summer).
Well, prepare for a second wave guys! This week, Penney’s (or Primark if you’re one of my UK followers) have just released this €12 Bambi jumper that’s the spits of the 2013 celeb favourite Givenchy sweater, which is a whopping $1375!!

Ever since this baby was seen at Penney’s “Darkly romantic winter 2013 collection” press preview back in September, it was predicted by fashion insiders and bloggers alike to become the “it” item this season. I know this, because when I first saw it at that same preview, My eyes practically popped out of my head with lust, my legs went as wobbly as Bambi’s as I made my way towards it, prevented only, by tripping over my tongue that was dragging behind me on the floor. You’d think that was a weird sight, but no one saw me -everyone else was doing the same, stepping unawares over my fallen carcass, with equally wobbly Bambi legs, and the same fashion lust induced tunnel vision, a large heaving crowd forming around said jumper, as I jiggled around untangling my tongue from my legs….so that was my first clue.

And ok, while it’s not a carbon copy of the Givenchy version below, seen on Lilly Collins, Beyoncé, and Corrine Rottfeld, the Penney’s one above is definitely a good interpretation, and I actually think I like it more than Givenchy’s to be honest. But like everything good in Penney’s, you have to get there quick before they’re gone! So run out now, before you trip over your tongue!

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