Penney’s Bambi Jumper €12 is the spits of Givenchy’s $1375 Bambi jumper – Woohoo!

bambi jumper 4

Every now and then in fashion, a miracle happens. An affordable high street item comes along, is so good that it becomes an iconic item, going viral in the blogosphere and appearing on every street, on every girl worth her fashion salt (like those €25 Zara skorts that were seen on every fashion insider this summer).
Well, prepare for a second wave guys! This week, Penney’s (or Primark if you’re one of my UK followers) have just released this €12 Bambi jumper that’s the spits of the 2013 celeb favourite Givenchy sweater, which is a whopping $1375!!

Ever since this baby was seen at Penney’s “Darkly romantic winter 2013 collection” press preview back in September, it was predicted by fashion insiders and bloggers alike to become the “it” item this season. I know this, because when I first saw it at that same preview, My eyes practically popped out of my head with lust, my legs went as wobbly as Bambi’s as I made my way towards it, prevented only, by tripping over my tongue that was dragging behind me on the floor. You’d think that was a weird sight, but no one saw me -everyone else was doing the same, stepping unawares over my fallen carcass, with equally wobbly Bambi legs, and the same fashion lust induced tunnel vision, a large heaving crowd forming around said jumper, as I jiggled around untangling my tongue from my legs….so that was my first clue.

And ok, while it’s not a carbon copy of the Givenchy version below, seen on Lilly Collins, Beyoncé, and Corrine Rottfeld, the Penney’s one above is definitely a good interpretation, and I actually think I like it more than Givenchy’s to be honest. But like everything good in Penney’s, you have to get there quick before they’re gone! So run out now, before you trip over your tongue!

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Trending AW 13 : Tartan

tartan col

In case you hadn’t noticed, tartans one of the biggest, if not THE biggest trend for AW 13, that has everyone secretly wishing they had some Scottish heritage to boost the cool factor (I’m Irish and I have a cousin with red hair, is that close enough?) and sure who doesn’t melt hearing that accent eh?

Only thing is, this trend is really easy to tip the scales from fashion, into “extra in Braveheart”. So how do you avoid that?

Well the key thing is not to wear it head to toe. Wear just one key piece, and break it up the rest of the outfit with a plain one colour fabric like a white shirt, or sweatshirt, denim, and leather boots with trophy gold details.

This way it’s definitely “fashion” and not “They may take our liiiiiives!! But they’ll never take, Our FREEEEEEEDOM!!!”

a tartan 4

Sneak Peek! Asos AW 13 lookbook

Its no secret I’m an fan. Its somewhat of an addiction for me, and I’m not alone. Hands up who’s ever had a 2am supposed-to-be-sleeping snoop on asos on your iPhone? I thought so.
So when I got a sneak peek at this collection recently, my hand just involuntarily moved towards my visa card and started typing in a-s-o-s into Google! I cant help it! This collection is too good!! Its not my fault…..I wonder how long delivery for those brogues would be?…….

See! Not my fault!

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Philip Treacy SS 13 Uses an All Black Model cast

Philip Treacy SS 2013 show featured an all black model line up -and it was a huge big deal, sparking debate about how the fashion industry under represents black models on the runway at fashion week, because designers think their (presumably, all-white) customers cant picture themselves in the clothes when they see black models in them on the runway.

My thoughts however, after seeing the show, and then hearing the debate were “Huh?…….I didn’t actually notice they were black”…..”I’d better watch it again and have a closer look”….”Oh yeh, they are……wonder what I’ll have for dinner later….that hat that looks like a hand is so cool, could I get away with wearing that in coppers?…..”

I mean, really, its 2013, is skin tone even an issue anymore?? As you can see, I didn’t even notice the models skin tones at first (and you probably didn’t either), so using black models doesn’t mean customers cant picture themselves in the clothes, and hopefully, after this show, designers can cast whichever model has that certain je-ne-se-qua on casting day regardless of her skin tone……(well, so long as she is 6ft ,size 0, super young, and gorgeous……it is the fashion industry and all- and we all know how representative of the average woman that is)

Hottest Trends AW13/14 :Tartan

Eeeek, bit of a nip in the air these days isn’t there? Getting dark earlier and earlier…..I hate to sound like a game of thrones character, but, -winter is coming.

And tartan is the number one trend to rock. Fashion is set to go all Anglo-manic this winter, ever since Karl Lagerfeld’s metiers d’Art collection, which was a Scottish noble extravaganza (that’s still giving me goosebumps) rolling in tartan.

And where Tsar Karl leads, everyone follows. And why wouldn’t they!? The above is Moschino AW 13/14 show and its one of my favs to showcase the trend! I’d say this collection will sell really well in America, and win everyone over in Europe (in Britain and Ireland we have to wear this sort of thing as a school uniform, so we might take some time to be won over) But tartans one of my favourite materials/prints, and it can be styled either way –classy, ladylike and chic, or 90s grunge- baycity rollers stylie.

I’m already chomping at the bit to hit the high street and get my mitts on everything tartan, I almost have a craving for haggis and tatties!!(which is act quite nice btw) Tomorrow, I’ll post all my wish list items and spread my Anglo-mania.

Until next time…

Ooh lala Style and Beauty Blog Awards 2013

1 a its party time

I was invited to the launch party for Irelands hottest new fashion magazine “OOhlala magazine”, on Tuesday. Forget about the “parochial Irish fashion magazines” you’ve read before, with ads for folic acid tablets, and ringworm cream, oohlala magazine is a whole other species! It’s 100% high fashion 100% style – very international flavour, but not isolating to Irish readers. It’s kind of like POP magazine meets Vogue.
So it was no surprise that when they threw a party to celebrate the launch of the magazine, and their 2013 Style and Beauty Blog Awards, they didn’t do anything by half measures!

The party was in 37 on Dawson Street which is a seriously cool cocktail bar with a hipster rusti-glam vibe! I walked in through the curtained off area and was met with the sound of “Otto knows-Million voices”, a seriously cool goodie bag (that I’ll blog about in another post), and a seriously stylish and pretty crowd. I kind of felt like l was on an episode of “The Hills”- minus the catfights.

Next I headed to the covergirl photo op board, so you might see me in the next issue. They also had a manicure station from best in the biz –Tropical-Popical which was free and out of this world- I got a seriously cool azure blue with a ciate caviar style feature nail (which I’ll blog about later)

I also got a second chance to see the Penney’s/Primark AW 12 collection, in a runway show. Yours truly found the way to the FROW and was right up close to Irish supermodel Thalia Heffernan who is even more beautiful up close! and super nice too- I wobbled in my skyscraper heels later on in the night, and she stopped me from falling.

The show was also in association with LA College of creative arts, and they did the styling and production stuff backstage, and hair and makeup which was flawless.

I didn’t win any of the awards, but I was so delighted to see one of my favourite bloggers Leanne Woodfull of thunder and threads won Blogger of the year Award. And her prize was (jello to the max) getting to go to fashion week with Oohlala as a fashion correspondent, a column in Ooh lala for 1 year, and a pro blogging course at LA College of creative arts to help take her blog to the next level and maybe become the next Bryan boi. I’m actually delighted for her, because she deserves it so much, and her blog is so good.

My pictures are not the best, because my camera lens cracked, and then my iphone died (without a camera I almost feel like I’ve left my soul behind in the taxi, or like, forgot to put on underwear or something) so I only had a couple of images to work with from the beginning of the night, and the rest of the night will have to live on, in fashion memory.

But enough of my moaning! The best thing about the whole night was that it shows that even though we are in a recession the Irish fashion scene is really coming into its own and not just surviving but thriving. There are so many talented people out there and its great that a magazine like oohlala is giving them the place to shine!

Paris Street style: Haute Couture Fashion week 2013

astreet style12astreet style 10

They say there’s nothing better than Paris in the spring time….and I have to admit, I am partial to an aul fantasy or two of cruising around on a Vespa with a sexy guy, bitta accordion music, blossums in the tree’s, big baguette tucked under my arm….You get the idea.

But, there actually IS something better than Paris in the spring time…(well, once the pair of you are finished with that massive baguette that is)…Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week….in July!

This is the week you will walk into a “chemiste” and notice that all of the blister plasters have sold out, and all the hangover cures? You will see a six foot tall goddess walking by, and think you will never see the like again….until you do, 5 minutes later, sitting in a café…and then again, 10 minutes later, checking her iPhone….and not only that-but there all seriously stylish? What’s going on? Fashion week that’s what! A week where everyone in fashion flocks to Paris like swallows in the summer. A city that couldn’t get more chic and beautiful – does. And it’s rife with street style opportunities, because the people you only see in magazines, are actually right there- standing in front of you!…like a unicorn! Here are my favs….

astreet style

astreet style 6

astreet style 8

astreet style 1

astreet style 7

astreet style 3

astreet style 2

astreet style 5

Oh, and there’s also tonnes of sexy male models wandering around too….so you might still get that spin on a Vespa….

Until next time….